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Stealth Satellite Dish

"Unsightly" Satellite Dish spins like a fan blade to disappear
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Neighbors sometimes complain to the homeowners association because another neighbors satellite dish detracts from the appearance of the neighborhood.

The "stealth" dish would be constructed with a mesh pattern configured so that when rotated at a sufficient rpm the structure would not be seen. The ratio of open area to structure at any portion of the dish would be high enough to allow it to disappear to the human eye in the same manner a fan blade becomes invisible. The dish would be painted or treated to have a nonreflective dark surface. The support for the dish, the machinery for aiming the dish and spinning it and the pickup would still be visible of course but could be disguised to resemble something rustic.

hangingchad, Nov 29 2004

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Imagine Linda Hamilton saying "You've been Osterized....@#$%&*" [normzone, Nov 29 2004]

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Birds tend to land on visible items....and they're none too clever or quick either [normzone, Dec 22 2004]


       The occasional Osterized bird sprays across the neighbor's fence......
normzone, Nov 29 2004

       ...and, henceforth, becomes ostracized from its flock.
bristolz, Nov 29 2004

       What size is an Ostrasize, anyway?   

       Hey, maybe we could throw a Sequential Turkey into it and see what happens !
normzone, Nov 29 2004

       Don't know if shredding birds would be a problem. The disk would whirl fast enough to be basically invisible to the neighbors. For all I know it might be perfectly visible to a bird. Also, just because it has visible and clear portions does not mean it would function like a Cuisanart. The thing could be constructed of clear plastic with a radio reflective layer applied with appropriate spacing. Perhaps the pickup horn and it's support could be made to look like an Owl to scare other birds away.
hangingchad, Dec 22 2004

       "What's that loud whirring sound?"   

       "Dunno - can't see anything."
wagster, Dec 22 2004

       The effective density of the dish would be at best roughly equivalent to its visual density. So if the dish appeared to be 50% transparent, it would collect at most half as much signal as if it was simply opaque.
supercat, Dec 22 2004

       So that's why that flat plywood circle design with all the holes in it from the 70's never took off.
mensmaximus, Dec 22 2004

       Well, you could make the dish wider.
tiromancer, Dec 22 2004


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