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Banana Paper

Banana paper for super smooooth writing
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Well you know how goood it feels to write on a banana with a biro - well why dont they make a special paper from this banana skin, making it the slickest paper in the world to write with. It would be biodegradable and could come in `organic` flavours too. smooth organic slick efficient writing paper with style... mmm.
Oliii, Dec 06 2003


       //and could come in `organic` flavours too//
Provided it is banana. On topic though, an old uni friend of mine tried to post me a banana across the UK. He wrote the address on the (still pretty green) nin-nan, put £1 worth of stamps on it and popped it in the letter box. Guess what?. The bugger never showed. Must have got to the sorting office at about 11 a.m.
I couldn't believe it.
gnomethang, Dec 06 2003

       Hmmmmm. Need more grant money, gnomethang.
thumbwax, Dec 06 2003

       You have to copy over all these notes again before they turn black. +
sartep, Dec 06 2003

       there is probably a law against sticking the queen's head on a banana. its a wonder that you are not ensconced in the tower, or perhaps you are.
po, Dec 07 2003

       I don't believe I've ever written on a banana before. Hard to imagine the circumstance under which this would occur.
waugsqueke, Dec 07 2003

       writing on a pineapple is a pain.
po, Dec 07 2003

       I Know what you mean [po] - Heads on Spikes!.
He also tried sending me a 7" Based Pyramid as well. Sadly, that went the same way - Except maybe it wasn't eaten.
gnomethang, Dec 07 2003

       /Well you know how goood it feels to write on a banana with a biro/   

       This [Oliiii] is clearly a lover of life, to savor this small pleasure. I look forward to future ideas. And also here's some precrumbs for you.
bungston, Dec 07 2003

       The phrase "I will eat my own words" never made more sense.
Pericles, Dec 07 2003

       Okay, so people write on bananas. Who knew...   

       I have no bananas at the moment or I'd go join the banana writing club right now. In lieu of that, I wonder, is it anything like writing on rubber? Particularly light coloured rubber or soft latex, that grips the ballpoint and creates a satisfying writing experience. Is this the kind of thing you're going for? That I have done.   

       I wonder, is it possible to make the ball in ballpoint pens out of rubber?
waugsqueke, Dec 07 2003

       If you drop a piece of this on the floor, everyone will slip on the paper? No more paper cuts, now we will have Banana Paper fractures. Gets my vote.
BritUSA, Dec 07 2003

       BritUSA, you have to make sense. understand?
po, Dec 07 2003

       Write on a banana with this [link] and double your pleasure.   

       (Po) I may not make sense, but I make a lot of "cents" here. Teletubbies rule however.
BritUSA, Dec 08 2003

       How about someone halfbaking some fruit roll-up paper. Sure it would be sticky and sweet, but no more wincing as you chew the 'evidence' to dispose of it.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 08 2003

       hhmmmmm! a teletubby lover with money <thinks I'm well in here> :)
po, Dec 08 2003

       Is that a pad of paper in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Dec 09 2003

       Oliii’s banana papers are goood and smooooth. All those extra vowels... mmm... consonants too.

A plus if I can have a banana skin keyboard.
pluterday, Dec 09 2003

       This banana skin paper is great, but I hate that little sticker they put on every page.
AO, Dec 09 2003

       Great idea ... except paper is already being made from Banana's - not from the skin, but from the trunk which has long, strong fibers. More info on our website www.papyrusinternational.org and yes. The paper is NOT slippery, but it does keep its strength when wet, and is resistant to grease and flame.
mitra, May 30 2004

       Couldn't banana peel be an invisible writing, or communication channel? You write by pressing on the peel, when the banana ripens it shows up as black marks. Imagine prisoners of FARC in Colombia smuggling out bananas of their whereabouts, or, a twitter-like service from picker to consumer.
badger, Sep 26 2010


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