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Edible Paper Chains

Yes, I know it's a bit early for Christmas...
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After Christmas lots of people have paper chains that they have to just chuck away. Why not make the paper edible?

Paper chain kits could come with a special kind of edible glue (not that it isn't already...), so as that you could enjoy Boxing Day munching at the Christmas trees' paper decorations.

froglet, Mar 13 2006


       Rice paper?
skinflaps, Mar 13 2006

       Yes indeedy, but preferably something more flavoursome (perhaps some flavouring added to the mix?)
froglet, Mar 13 2006

       Why use paper? Just make your Christmas decorations out of breakfast cereals. That's what I do.
hippo, Mar 13 2006

       <visions of [hippo] flicking spoonfuls of wet porridge onto his walls..>   

       I like to round up all the cockroaches, paint 'em in bright reds and greens and yellows and oranges and lilacs then let 'em loose. After they have tidied up all the Christmas crumbs, out comes the spray. Doesn't work at Easter though - the little bunny ears won't stick to their antennae no matter what I try.
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 13 2006

       The only problem I can see with this is dust. That said - milk/dark/white chocolate paperchains - yum.   

       Topical fact: in many households pets already believe paper chains are edible.
rubyminky, Mar 14 2006

       why not try 2fries' "Chainoodles"?
xandram, Mar 14 2006

       Ah, my Christmas Display is entitled "Behold! The power of Cheese!" And yes the windows DO have to stay open.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 14 2006


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