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Computer Paper

Paper that looks like a Windows window.
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Custom designed printed pad of paper, used for office memos, that has a title bar, menu bars, tool buttons, minimize, restore and close boxes drawn onto the top right, and a task bar and status bar drawn onto the bottom.

When distributing a memo, you could circle the clock if it's urgent, the Edit menu if it is a rough draft, the Home button if you want it returned to you, etc. Circle the "Help" toolbar if you want advice and comments.

phundug, May 05 2003


       Also avaiable in Mac format, I hope? Cute.
DrCurry, May 05 2003

       good geek value. +
urbanmatador, May 05 2003

       Nice idea. In addition to the Windows window, make versions that look like other pieces of software (Photoshop, for instance). Most software has a distinctive border of menus, buttons and tools around the outside that would make a good border for a note pad.   

       It would be a great promotional item, or something neat to include in the box along with the disk and manual.
AO, May 05 2003

       AutoCAD graph paper.
RayfordSteele, May 05 2003

       [jutta]'s link reminds me of a friend i had who had a notebook with the words "palm pilot" written on it. simple, effective, funny.
urbanmatador, May 06 2003

       If only there were a cut/copy/paste feature...
thumbwax, May 07 2003

       Silly putty.
phundug, May 07 2003

       dorky! hmph!
futurebird, Dec 08 2003


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