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Paper with the Calculator Printed On
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With the advent of the new, cheap, and flexible LCDs (for the life of me, can't remember the name), it dawned upon me at school after having to whip out my calculator to solve some simple multiplication. The calculator should be embedded in the page! You could even go so far as to have the calculator embedded for each problem so your final answer could just be typed in. Admittedly, this makes the worksheets a bit more expensive, but who can argue with convenience?
iamnafets, Nov 06 2005


       I would be very surprised not to see this within the next five years. Probably not in schools, more likely as corporate giveaways with plenty of advertising.
wagster, Nov 06 2005

       ...and *then* in schools. Which (in the UK) are starting to be sponsored by businesses.   

       Or you could try doing "simple multiplication" in your head.
moomintroll, Nov 06 2005

       can you photocopy these?
po, Nov 06 2005

       I hate to think there will be a pad of paper that can empty my checking account. Or at least one I can not control.
popbottle, Aug 03 2015

       Never write on something smarter than you are.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2015


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