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Chain Mesh Lockable Bag

Portable security for valuables.
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After just coming back from a week with the family at various theme parks, security was always a prevalent issue. Usually one member of the clan had to sit out the ride and "hold the stuff". There were a few lockers around of good design but they were expensive and sometimes fully booked out.

The Chain Mesh Lockable Bag (CMLB - catchy name huh!) is light but large enough to put in various valuables such as phones, watches, sunglasses etc. which aren't allowed on the roller coasters and other thrill rides. Put your goodies in, wrap the steel cable around a lamppost, snap on your lock and you're good to go. It won't deter a fully determined thief with a lot of time but would be robust enough and conspicuous enough to deter the opportunistic types. Water proof versions with plastic liners are also available.

AusCan531, Apr 22 2014

cable not ring mail, but the same basic idea. http://www.amazon.c...Steel/dp/B0018BTPCE
[MisterQED, Apr 29 2014]

Flak Sack lockable bag https://loctote.com/product/flaksack/
[AusCan531, May 01 2017]

Another real-world example of my idea https://theaquavaul...m/products/flexsafe
Too obvious to not exist I guess. [AusCan531, Aug 24 2020]


       Can't you get these for bags and backpacks already? O swear I've seen "security" mesh coverings for bags that can be locked up. I guess the main intent is to deny the baggage chuckers from easy access to your valuables, but surely they could be subverted to your porpoises?
Custardguts, Apr 22 2014

       Where I come from, carrying one of these might cost you your life.
skoomphemph, Apr 22 2014

       ^Carry a bigger one you can step into and lock up? Knife proof anyway. In the scenario I described, all the valuables were being carried anyways so this was just a method to leave them unattended but relatively secure.
AusCan531, Apr 22 2014

       Actually my post was rubbish, on reflection. Having a bag like that would make it easier to hand everything over, and so only be killed if the perp has gone without killing someone for too long, and needs the satisfaction.   

       And even here, it might even work to secure your valuables, left somewhere. In a lot of places there are car guards on the lookout for new honest ways to make a living ...   

       ... <light goes on> ... something like this might just be bakeable. All you need is a lamp post, and an honest car guard ...
skoomphemph, Apr 22 2014

       When I worked at Starbucks we had mesh lockable bags to transfer money in.
DIYMatt, Apr 24 2014

       [+] brilliant. The only shortcoming I see is that bags are rather small: a thief leaning against a railing (while trying to cut the chain or jimmy the lock) wouldn't receive the same amount of attention somebody standing in front of a bicycle would.
FlyingToaster, Apr 24 2014

       Baked. (link)
MisterQED, Apr 29 2014

       And we'd all have such nice wings on our backs that we'd spend most of our waking hours flying around the place. Sometimes we'd go and try and take photos for our shrines, of the wonderful politicians responsable for the state of things (whom we would revere more than even the lares), but most of the time we'd just all drink responsibly from the whisky fountains, and then fly home to spend quality time with our unicorns.
skoomphemph, Apr 29 2014

       //enforced sterilisation after a third child//   

       Sp.: first, shirley.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2014

       Should I rather say something like, "We'd all have perfectly balanced harmonic attributes"? Trouble is that would spoil the beautiful imagery of the communal narcotics dispensers and the flying home after really just having "One".   

       I could edit out "unicorns" and replace it with "goldfish" (the choices "cats" and "dogs" being too risky - we don't want holy wars breaking out, with lots of people stepping forward, offering to perform ritual murders in honor of their deities).   

       So would "goldfish" do?
skoomphemph, Apr 30 2014


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