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Barefoot in the Park

A complete foot massage therapy park
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(Upon researching this idea, I found that cobblestone paths have existed in China for thousands of years. [see link] Although that is baked, I could not find an entire park devoted exclusively to Foot Massage Therapy.)

This is a beautifully landscaped natural park with a smaller indoor version for use during severe weather, although no one will stop you from walking in the rain. Please remove your shoes at the entrance. Take a stroll down Metatarsal Lane. This is a squishy gel sidewalk, similar to the gel insoles one can buy for shoes. After you are feeling relaxed, sit down and soak your feet in the ‘pond’. This pond has foot massage jets and healing bath salts. The summer birds will serenade you. Linger as long as you like. Next, move on to the Air Massage. Located in a garden, you may recline in any of the chairs and put your feet up. Attached to the bottom you will find the air massage machine that turns on with the touch of a toe. It gives a percussive massage of warm air. Of course we must include some of these cobblestone paths, which meander all around the park. Be on the lookout for the purple painted park benches. If you sit on one of these, reflexologist midgets, dressed as faeries, elves and gnomes will pop out from the shrubbery and give you the most magical deep foot massage that you’ve ever had. Lovingly, they apply warm body butter and go to work to relieve any stress that you might still have. Spend the day, bring a lunch, and take care of those tired ‘dogs’ of yours.

xandram, Apr 12 2006

Cobblestone paths and mats http://www.fitter1....obblestone-mat.html
[xandram, Apr 12 2006]

The Best Of Egbert Theremin_20Windchimes
[egbert, Apr 12 2006]

Half's portable take!. Barefoot_20In_20the_20Park_20Treadmill
[gnomethang, Apr 12 2006]

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       //take care of those tired ‘dogs’ of yours// Dogs are the last thing I'd want to see in this park [+]
coprocephalous, Apr 12 2006

       I'll run the cart selling hepatitus, tentunitus, and hook worm vaccines.   

       "Get your shots! Fresh Shots here!"
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 12 2006

       //reflexologist midgets, dressed as faeries, elves and gnomes will pop (jump) out from the shrubbery and give you the most magical deep foot massage that you’ve ever had//   

       I'd run a mile!   

       (should this be in evil? :)
skinflaps, Apr 12 2006

       Of course chemicals similar to those used in public pools and hot tubs would be used to keep everything clean. But you can sell Hot Dogs if you'd like.[GC] hey [skinflaps] is there an Evil Foot category?
xandram, Apr 12 2006

       Gets my vote. I used to work down by a waterfront park that was (and is) immaculately kept, and a number of us used to regularly go for barefoot walks there at lunchtime. They wouldn't let us soak our feet in the ponds, though, and the park was up too high from the river to use that.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2006

       This would be an ideal setting for some shameless self-promotion (see link).
egbert, Apr 12 2006

       I am not sure that I am qualified for the foot massage thang, but I know of a similar product that will work indoors!. (Linky)
gnomethang, Apr 12 2006

       I'd imagine you'd have to hire a sizeable staff manning anti-fungal hoses to give the park a daily washdown. I'd hate to take come a copy of the homegame.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 12 2006

       I have never contracted a foot disease and I have walked barefoot in some pretty raunchy places, but I understand it's a concern for others. Maybe Bigfoot could man the giant hoses as the rest of the staff are little people.
xandram, Apr 13 2006

       A little ironic that the most talked about idea here today is - Prepare for the glass ban
po, Apr 13 2006

       ..and in the dark recesses of the secret maze lies Fergie Corner, where one can enjoy sensual digital osculation...
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 13 2006

       Mmmmm..sensual digital osculaaaaation.
gnomethang, Apr 13 2006


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