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Barnes Wallis Super Gun Surprise

Der der da da der der der da
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Riders climb into a harness suspended in a transparent sphere. The sphere is fired from a gun at one end of a lake. The sphere then hurtles through the air, bouncing several times on the surface of the lake until its energy is spent. It is then collected by employees in rowing boats dressed as Leonard Cheshire or Guy Gibson, the employees not the boats.

The gun would probably be more of a catapult or perhaps a linear induction system. Or perhaps the bomb could be dropped from a replica Wellington bomber ( thanks Tabs)

The sphere would have to be quite rigid and large so that the riders bungee harness could lessen the impacts on the lake to an acceptable level.

rambling_sid, Dec 08 2004



       Apologies my knowledge of WW2 is somewhat less than yours Douglas Bader was the first WW2 name that popped into my head, it was intended to be a Bouncing Bomb ride.
rambling_sid, Dec 08 2004

       Why drop it from a Wellington? For authenticity, it should be a Lancaster.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 08 2004

       Gay? Why do you say "gay"? Come to that, why do you say "English"?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 08 2004


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