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bat use change

to make game more exciting
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One of my majors qualms with baseball is that the batter is given a large wooden club and is not allowed to hit anyone with it. Allowing the batter to use the bat to prevent being tagged out would not only make the game more exciting but would thus increase the general public's interest in the sport. If injuries due to clubbings began to cause problems such as player shortages and strikes, we could just placate them with the promise of giving them pads.
Lady9, Sep 18 2003

Google search for "brockian ultra cricket" http://www.google.c...an+ultra+cricket%22
As thought of and written about by Douglas Adams. For when play deteriorates to the point that the sports consists of nothing but hitting each other. [st3f, Oct 04 2004]


       doesn't sound very ladylike to me :)
po, Sep 18 2003


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