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Fibreoptic Assistance for Better Accuracy
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A baseball bat is fitted with a small camera in the striking face, connected inside the shaft of the bat via fibreoptics to a small screen strapped to one of the batter's eyes.

As the ball comes towards the bat, the batter can see through the camera if the ball is above or below the bat and can compensate better, as it appears that the ball is coming directly towards his or her eye. More hits!

Harry Mudd, Oct 22 2003


       So what happens when a Randy Johnson fastball squarely hits the camera lens? Remember that dove that he "beaned"? Can you say "shattered lens?
muzer, Oct 22 2003

       "Quick, Robin, to the BatScope!"
lostdog, Oct 22 2003

       [ mr.burns ] what's that got to do any thing? Are you SPAMMING?
my-nep, Oct 22 2003

       It's called a title pun, nep.   

       I think I'd replace the eyepiece with a recorder.
RayfordSteele, Oct 22 2003

       Most people who can hit well often break the bat. Plus there are regulations on bats requiring them to be solid wood. Unless you are talking about using aluminum bats, and fiber-optic scopes have a better chance of being accepted in MLB than Aluminium bats!
xylene, Oct 22 2003

       Won't work. The ball will only come into view of the camera at the exact point you need to be contacting it, so there's absolutely no reaction time. At all other points in the swing, the camera will be seeing other things as the bat arcs around.   

       If you can see the ball through this camera, you're going to miss because you swung too early.
waugsqueke, Oct 22 2003

JRspewing, Aug 10 2004


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