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Beanball is played much like softball, but with the kickball-like option of throwing the ball at the runner to put him/her out. This is risky - if you miss, you will have a wild ball and the runner might get an extra base.

I am trying to think of how this could be done while minimizing damage to the runner. Various halfbaked schemes involving sensors have occurred to me. The problem: the ball must be durable enough to be struck by the bat without exploding, but ideally would explode and douse the runner with black goo on hitting him/her.

bungston, Apr 15 2005


       Maybe you could make the ball just like a baseball, but the inside is filled with a delicious ball-shaped graham cracker. Then, when the ball is hit by the bat, it becomes soft enough to hit someone with and not destroy their kidneys. Also, if the threads tear, the stadium lights flash and everyone has a graham cracker fiesta. OLE!
AfroAssault, Apr 15 2005

       [+] for creative use of "Ole!"
disbomber, Apr 15 2005

       The ball is hard like a baseball. However, it comes apart if you twist it, and there's a beanbag inside. The outfielder has to catch the ball, then locate the seam where it twists apart, unscrew it, and remove the beanbag. Meanwhile the runner is still running around the bases. Then the outfielder can use the beanbag to peg the runner, or throw the beanbag to a baseman as in regular baseball.
phundug, Apr 15 2005

       Perhaps the batter could use an elongated tennis raquet in place of a bat.
Zimmy, Apr 15 2005

       And hit a tennis ball? I like it!
bungston, Apr 15 2005


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