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Bath Duvet

Make your bathtime a little more comfortable
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Bubble bath, that Radox stuff, oils etc are all well and good, but do you ever wish your bath could be a bit more comfy? Tired of your bum/elbow/shoulders grinding into the hard plastic or enamel? Try the new bath duvet for size, just unfold and place under you before reclining, and you'll have no more painful pointy bits. Made of something soft, and covered in something else that's waterproof. Could also work as a foot-friendly shower mat, although might be prone to slippage and a 'puddle' effect. ps - I'm not sure if a 'duvet' specifically means something that goes over you- if so call it a bath-blanket!
tretchikoff, Aug 30 2000

bath cushion http://www.google.c...arch?q=bath+cushion
so baked... [egnor, Aug 30 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

bath basher http://www.halfbake.../idea/Bath_20Basher
for the faucets in particular... also baked. [egnor, Aug 30 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Fill one of those air-mattress things with water, and you're set.
bookworm, Aug 30 2000

       Bookworm, that just re-invents the water bed. I think the intent here is to redesign the bath, not merely add little cushions and gadgets. Not so baked in my opinion.
jetckalz, Sep 01 2000

       Um, the intent here is clearly something you "unfold and place under you before reclining", which doesn't sound like "redesigning the bath" to me.
egnor, Sep 02 2000

       This is what I call a bathroom tragedy waiting to happen. Prepare to be sued.
momoko, Nov 29 2000

       Baked as stated. Inflatable bath cussions.   

       Please search the net before posting ideas.   

CasaLoco, Feb 21 2002

       You're about a year and a half too late there [CasaLoco]. Did you search to see if they were available in August of 2000?   

       I know, I know.
phoenix, Feb 21 2002


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