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bath water/temperature guage
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I hate having to run up and down the stairs waiting to see when my bath reaches the required level. The "bath-o-matic" would have a sensor which indicates when the bath is at the required level and turn off the taps. It could also incorporate a temperature guage to ensure that the water is the correct heat - therefore solving the many trips up and down worrying if it is going to overflow.
gizmomum, Oct 16 2001

Baked. http://www.innovati...MHK00A3HW31XR47A0MA
No guage though. [angel, Oct 16 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       There *must* be something like this, if not for proper baths, then for baby baths. You just need a thermometer connected to the taps and an alarm. But I cannot find anything (just thermometers that float in your baby bath, and things for chemists' laboratories). Where's PeterSealy and his magic websearch?   

       Assuming gizmomum is the mother of gizmo (of the popular Esco-Slide invention), is this the first parent/child Halfbakery team? As long as you don't vote against each other's ideas all the time, it'll be fine.
pottedstu, Oct 16 2001

       This was gizmo's idea, but it got past bedtime and I had to air his views. He is fed up of me nagging him to check the bath when he has far more important things to do - watch the simpsons, play on game consoles - oh and homework. It must have been thought of before, but I'm encouraging his ingenuity. - Esco-Slide was a good one.
gizmomum, Oct 16 2001

       Sad but true: I have run gallons and gallons of water onto the kitchen floor whilst filling the sink and then getting distracted on the, well, let's just say it was a fascinating website. gizmomum, you should hie thee to a patent orifice and register some simple device that warns distractible idiots when their fluids are about to overflow. (Croissie)
Dog Ed, Oct 17 2001

       I thought I'd covered the [sp] bit in my own snidey way.
angel, Oct 17 2001

       my cousin lives in Japan where, he says, this is entirely baked. He chooses a temperature and runs the bath which keeps itself at that temperature; a sensor stops the water before it runs over. I suppose it keeps itself at the right temperature if he doesn't get into it immediately - rather like sitting in a cauldron. I haven't asked about that part.
lewisgirl, Oct 17 2001

       Toilets have fill-level cutoffs. Should be relatively simple to rig up the toilet mechanism into a bathtub. Hire a plumber. No temperature regulation that way, but you can also buy temperature regulator faucet thingies (angel's link).
quarterbaker, Oct 17 2001

       blissmiss, you haven't videod yourself doing the 'ankles on fire dance' at all, have you? Just curious!
DrBob, Oct 17 2001

       Every tub I've ever seen already had an overflow drain. Bathroom sinks, too. Unfortunately, they can't drain as fast as the taps can fill, so it only buys you a little time.   

       As for Japanese tubs, I've never seen one, but I'm told that Japanese bathrooms tend to be rather luxurious, even for the middle class. I think it might have something to do with a general lack of physical space everywhere else (zB, small apartments, small cars, small island....).
amo, Oct 17 2001

DrBob, Oct 17 2001

       im in year ten at school and as my electronics project i am mking a battery powered device to tell the user when the bath is run and if it is dangerously hot so if anyone has any idea of how o make one any information posted would be useful
Pilchard, Feb 17 2002

       oh little fish you make me laugh! ARE YOU FOR REAL?
po, Feb 17 2002


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