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Bathtub enlarger

A figerglass insert to enlarge tubs
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The goal of making a bigger tub without the expenditure of replacing the existing tub.

The suggestion is a fibreglass insert that fits into the tub with connectors that allow it to drain through the normal drain. An extra 4 inches or so above the normal top of the tub that extends outward to the edge of the current tub would make a lot of big guys happy. : -)

NotSoQuick, Aug 09 2003


       If there were fiberglass tubs that nested in each other, then you could increase your bath capacity by 100%. Couples would have individual control of the temp of their tubs. A hose attachment would fill the second tub. When finished, you restack the tub and return the floor space back to normal.
wombat, Aug 10 2003

       How... unromantic in a backwoods sort of way.
thumbwax, Aug 10 2003

       [reensure] Concerning link, how can they call that a Safety bath? If the phone rings and you open the door to step out you have the whole mess on the floor! You will slip, get hit your head and slowly starve to death while you are in a coma.
kbecker, Aug 11 2003


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