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Bath idea

To make baths that have overflows in the right place
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I have noticed that the overflows in baths let water out when you get in them. So you start with a nice full warm bath, but after the overflow has done its job, you're left sitting in five or so inches of water (well part of you is), while most of you is wet and getting cold!

So why not simply make the bath's walls higher , and put the overflow above where your body will be? Or even have an adjustable overflow that you can slide up and down?

farmbrough, Nov 19 2009

The B's http://www.bedbatha...num=-1&SKU=10134021
[outloud, Nov 19 2009]


       -You can get deep bathtubs. An easier solution would be to stop filling the tub before it gets to the overflow. Great idea Archimedes
rocdoc, Nov 19 2009

       step 1: remove overflow cover
step 2: turn upside down
step 3: re-install

       You should now have an extra two inches of water depending on type.   

       Well I have never seen a bath "tub" that was normal shape and deep, only those fancy triangular ones. To stop filling before it gets to the overflow would mean a shallow, unpleasant bath. 2 Fries, your idea would actually work with the type of overflow in my bath, which has the outlets at the bottom :-) But not with the standard circular type, as that's rotationally symmetrical!
farmbrough, Nov 19 2009

       you could always seal up the overflow temporarily - say with a rubber suction cup - would that work?
po, Nov 19 2009

       How easy is this? Link
outloud, Nov 19 2009


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