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Bathroom fridge

Next to mirror
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This is a small refridgerator in a cool design to be mounted on the wall next to your mirror and sink.

Just large enough to contain your toothpaste, mouthwash, aftershave etc.

Your products will have a refreshing new quality.

(left my sleepover bag in my car during a very cold night, I was pleasently surprised by the feel of ice cold aftershave on my skin. The almost frozen mouthwash was a tough one but very refreshing)

zeno, Dec 13 2012

not a *cool* design http://s3-media1.ak...QTXTzSApqfI5A/l.jpg
[xandram, Dec 14 2012]


       And for the Pepto. If you're sick, keep your hands off the kitchen fridge.
lurch, Dec 13 2012

       Good place for beer, if you are an alcoholic.
Kansan101, Dec 14 2012

       Or the two and a half remaining fishsticks you had leftover from dinner if you don't want to trek to the kitchen.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 14 2012

       The bathroom already has a sink and a countertop, so all we are missing now is a cooker and hob.
pocmloc, Dec 14 2012

       //so all we are missing now is a cooker// some bathrooms have a hairdryer and flatiron... these could easily cook food. would be really easy to brush after every meal eatin there
evilpenguin, Dec 14 2012

       It is possible to prepare a nourishing hot meal using a travel iron as a hotplate in benighted hotels in uncivilised areas of your planet, i.e. Norfolk.
8th of 7, Dec 14 2012

       // supercooled water for the bidet //   

       Category "Home: Bathroom: Evil" ?
8th of 7, Dec 15 2012

       A friend of mine used to refrigerate his eye drops. I tried it once. It was refreshing.   

       Another guy used to shave using cold water, as it made his beard hairs stand up.
baconbrain, Dec 16 2012

       [21], I agree with you. The guy was in boot camp, so he may not have been all there.   

       As for super-cooled bidet water: Lightly-moistened toilet paper is nice, but a snowball is not.
baconbrain, Dec 16 2012


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