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Cryogenic Home Freezer

freshness forever!
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Utilize the convenience of a freezer, with the same technology used to keep severed heads alive with the cryogenic home freezer. It might be work to keep up, but you can keep your meat and other frozen items fresh for days, or generations. Even freeze the family dog if the need arises.
humphrind, Nov 29 2000

Maybe not forever https://www.theguar...e.internationalnews
If only they had an alarm! [mylodon, Nov 17 2017]


       Or better yet, just their heads. Then if they misbehave at Uncle Pete's birthday party, you can set them down on the floor and whistle for the dog.
Monkfish, Nov 29 2000

       ...and (belated) welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Nov 14 2017

       One problem is the running cost. I have a -80 freezer, and it costs a fortune to run; I think its average power consumption is maybe 1kW, and that's without frequent opening and closing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2017

       Wotcha need is to build a regular freezer around that... and a fridge around that.
FlyingToaster, Nov 17 2017

       This is it - you are gazing upon the sole contribution of [humphrind], frozen forever in time.   

       I wonder how his head is doing. I hope the utility bill was paid up far in advance.   

       There is some evidence of the user name seeing other action, including on a poker forum in a thread titled (brace yourself) " What is Freeze Out Hold'em ? "   

       I kid you not ....
normzone, Nov 18 2017


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