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Like a refrigerator, but differenter!
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An unpowered, refrigerator-sized box into which you place cold items when you wish to return them to room temperature. Special compartments for frozen and merely cool items. Softening drawers for vegetables. Available in a variety of designer colors and styles. Optional tepid water dispenser.
adam, Nov 28 2000


       This might be nice to have except that NO ONE has room in their house for a whole nother refrigerator-sized box, at least not any red-blooded crap-hoarding American. Any time you really want to return something to room temperature, it's best just to put it into some room-temperature water.
Valrus, Nov 28 2000

       How about a defrigerator that is a refrigerator with the compressor running backwards. That way you can defrigerate something and warm the room faster.
Amishman35, Aug 29 2001

       Baked. It's called a 'pantry'.
StarChaser, Aug 30 2001


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