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Battenburg Ice Cream

Battenburg cake turned into an ice cream.
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Battenburg cake is a delicious two tone sponge cake made into a chequerboard of pink and cream sponge enveloped in marzipan.

Sadly hot summer weather can easily put you off the idea of a dry(ish) slice of cake unless you are well prepared (with drinks and light, summer flavours). No more. The Battenburg Cake Ice Cream (BCIC) brings the joy of cake-eating to those sultry afternoons and, perhaps, to a whole new audience as a result.

In essence the BCIC is an ice cream bar (not a lollipop) made from a chequerboard of ice cream and cake, encased in a crunchy almond coating (no leaks). The brilliance of the design lies in the fact that there can be a variety of flavours and formats for the bar, all using exactly the same production line. One set of ice cream bars has pink ice cream (all those red fruit flavours) and soft whitish sponge, the other set of bars has cream coloured ice cream (vanilla, nut, butterscotch) and pink sponge. All inside the crunchy almond coating. It is not so much an ice cream as an entire sector of the industry.

I must point out that the mixture of soft sponge, melting ice cream and crunchy coating would make an irresistable texture sensation!

Ludwig, Oct 15 2002

Checkers http://www.benjerry...ckers/checkers.html
Beat Vermont's Finest [thumbwax, Oct 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Or alternatively...battenburg milkshake http://www.shakeaway.com/milkshakes.html
Too many flavours to choose from at this place [-alx, Oct 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Pimp my Snack: Battenburg GTI Turbo http://www.pimpmysn...ct.php?projectID=20
Not ice cream, but these projects are always a fun way of learning how the original thing is constructed. [jutta, Apr 22 2006]


       mmmmmmmm i do think you've made my life that bit worse cos this doesnt exist, still nice thinkin
sheepman, Oct 15 2002

ChewTheBeef, Oct 15 2002

       From the title, I was visualizing some sort of ice cream lace/lace ice cream.
half, Oct 15 2002

       Move over Neopolitan this is where it's at!!!!
Russ, Oct 15 2002

       I take the point about the lace - there are many good things that come from Battenburg. Maybe if I changed the wording so that the ice cream was encased in a crunchy almond LATTICE...would it make the idea Battenburger?
Ludwig, Oct 15 2002

       That wasn't a criticism of your idea, just a comment. I'd never heard of Battenburg cake so lace was my only frame of reference.
half, Oct 15 2002

       No indeed, this is my first post so I feel I have to reply to everything. And I wanted to get that comparative in. More importantly :)
Ludwig, Oct 15 2002

       [Lud], if I may be so bold as to call you that, my mother used to make an orange cake, and when done she would place a piece of lace over the top and sprinkle powdered sugar in a beautiful pattern. So you could have a double Battenburg dessert, if you like.
blissmiss, Oct 15 2002

       [Rod] Ahh! Le Restaurant beat me to it. I defend myself by saying that although they bandy the idea around they do not provide any substance, of the culinary variety anyway.
Ludwig, Oct 15 2002

       [bliss] What a beautiful idea! It has impregnated my head with an idea for an automated edible lace production method involving woodpeckers...for some reason. I am off to research it now!
Ludwig, Oct 15 2002

       <Homer> mmmm ... A parade of ice cream floats! ... mmm </Homer>
reensure, Oct 15 2002


       Oooooh, yes indeedy. This would be heaven.
salachair, Oct 16 2002

       "Rebecca sighed as she went into Le Restaurant - she was looking forward to some Battenburg ice-cream."
"Totally drained, Rebecca just lay on the bed among the three men. This had been one hell of a Battenburg!"

       Thats the first and last sentence from RodsT's link. I'm scared to read the bit in the middle.
Jinbish, Oct 16 2002

       // I'm scared to read the bit in the middle.//   

       [Jin], just look at the pictures, then .....
8th of 7, Oct 16 2002


       (eyes shut - afraid to look)
Jinbish, Oct 16 2002

       On my recent holiday in the Philippines, I discovered that cheese ice-cream is a popular flavour. In China, I quite enjoyed the sweetcorn ice-cream.   

       Battenburg Cake Ice-Cream sounds comparatively sane. And definitely tasty. [+]
imaginality, Apr 24 2006

       I'm going to buy a Battenburg on the way home. And some ice cream.
wagster, Apr 24 2006


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