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Red, White and Blue, with a 99 flake.
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Back in the 1950's, to help celebrate the new Queen, they invented a new kind of chicken, now available in sandwich bars up and down the land.

This idea is in a similar vein, and could be easily tied in with the forth-coming Royal Nuptials for which we in the UK will be getting a well deserved bank-holiday. Consider the Union Jack, a glorious celebration of Red, White, and Blue. Now consider the same thing, writ "en crème glacée" (as they may say in France) - yes, Blackberry, Raspberry and Cream flavoured ice- creams/sorbets, poured into the tub and set, all the way down to the bottom, in the shape of the King's Colours, ready to be scooped into awaiting bowl, cone or other serving method of your choosing, for a pleasingly patriotic scoop of national pride.

Lollies might also be prepared in a similar manner for street vendors to peddle to the masses in these happy times.

While this Royal tie-in is not necessary for the success of the idea, it does help in that it might otherwise appear to be a bit flag-wavy for some folks - however, to counter that suggestion, let me invite you to consider whipping up a batch of this stuff and wheeling it around Clapham Common, suitably bunting'd to the nines, dishing this stuff out at £3 a scoop, and we'll see who's being jingoistic then.

Once all the jubilous bunting is taken down, and we settle back into normality once again - we could consider opening a whole ice-cream shop selling ice-creams in the form of other national flags as well. Most of these will tend to be the far easier "Neapolitan" 3-stripe affairs - and fair enough, but we could also go for trickier flavours, such as The Seychelles, consisting of a mouth-wateringly diverse mix of flavours such as Grape, Custard, Raspberry, Cream and Mint - or the Stars and Stripes, made in Strawberry, Cream and Blueberry.

OK, so you're watering at the mouth, wondering why I am letting you all in on what probably should be a closely guarded trade secret - we don't want everyone wondering around hoiking flag-based ice-creams after-all - but, it's going to be a national holiday, and, like Coronation Chicken, I believe this should be a gift to the world.

"Britainiolana" was the first thing that came to mind, in naming terms - and is supposed to suggest ice- creamyness and Britishness at the same time - but I'm aware that it might be a bit rubbish - suggestions welcome.

zen_tom, Apr 02 2011

Serve in one of these, or atop a cone. http://www.ashwood....ion-jack-1765-p.asp
[zen_tom, Apr 02 2011]

Wikipedia: Neapolitan Ice Cream http://en.wikipedia...eapolitan_ice_cream
[zen_tom, Apr 02 2011]

Culinary Flags http://trendland.ne.../11/culinary-flags/
So a bit like these, but with ice-cream. [zen_tom, Apr 02 2011]

The English are Best http://www.youtube....watch?v=Oc3Rhz7NpSE
[MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 02 2011]

Union Flag displayed by German football fans to taunt British team... http://sport.stv.tv...-banner-in-hamburg/
[Jinbish, Apr 03 2011]

Baby Gaga Ice Cream http://www.bbc.co.u...and-london-12615353
[Dub, Apr 03 2011]

HB VJ Vagina-Jam
[Dub, Apr 03 2011]

Today's Google-doodle is 119th anniversary of Ice Cream Sundae http://www.google.c...hp?complete=0&hl=en
[Dub, Apr 03 2011]

Superman Ice Cream http://en.wikipedia.../Superman_ice_cream
Not always with yellow... [RayfordSteele, Apr 03 2011]

Dunkin' Donuts pays homage with an ugly donut http://www.boston.c...unkin_to_pay_d.html
[xandram, Apr 05 2011]


       //suggestions welcome.//   

       "a 99", which could be construed to be a reference to -   

       1) the amount of money currently in the Bank of England, in total. 2) The number of years to work before getting a pension. 3) The number of applicants for each job. 4) the number of days after the marriage before the divorce proceedings start. 5) The number of Special Branch personnel tasked to do an instant assassination of Prince Charles, if the Queen dies, which can be blamed on French paparazzi. 6) Highest recent UK positive trade balance, in pence.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 02 2011

       We've had a positive trade balance?   

       Also, it really ought to be an "Englandiolana", shirley?   

       Anyway, [+]. We ought to do more flag-waving.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 02 2011

       Thinking again..if we have a negative amount of money in the national bank, basically the Governor of the B of E actually has more money in his wallet than the national bank he controls. The very least he could do is chip in a tenner...
not_morrison_rm, Apr 02 2011

       [MB]: At the risk of invoking a rendition of that Flanders & Swann ditty, why should it be Englandiolana? The ice-cream is to have red, white, and blue - so unless it's a plain old raspberry ripple that you're after, Britainiolana seems the order of the day.   

       ... and we should be more flag wavy. The only time you really see the Union Flag being waved these days seems to be within Ibrox Stadium (or, hilariously, as demonstrated by the fans at Hamburg FC {see link}).
Jinbish, Apr 03 2011

       How about something with a twist - actually, not just a twist, rather a complete spin and back flip: Brita-shocker-gory (inspired by today's Google-Doodle): Baby Gaga ice cream and Vagina Jam ripple on a croissant, please - Oh, OK with 100's & 1000's and a 69 flake.   

       At least I avoided urine-sorbet
Dub, Apr 03 2011

       trying desperately to think of something positive to say about this dull marriage   

       Brit gangsta movie ice cream, "lock stock and two flakes" ice cream, "layercake" icecream, "you were only supposed to blow the bloody hundreds and thousands off" ice cream (sprinkles, for overseas viewers)..can I stop now?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 03 2011

       A Continental?
reensure, Apr 03 2011

       I think we call this ice-cream flavor 'Superman.'   

       What about some of those hard candies with a Union Jack imposed imposed throughout?
RayfordSteele, Apr 03 2011

       That last link has me revved up for ice-cream season. I'm ready for some of that so-called iced cream.
rcarty, Apr 04 2011

       Britainiolana is a bit of a mouthful, linguistically speaking. And I'm not convinced about the flake really. I don't see a Union Jack ice cream surmounted by a big brown log, whilst being symbolically well considered, as being an aesthetically sound choice. So get rid of that and let's just change the name to a big-bottomed, empire-building brand. Brittannic Ice Cream!
DrBob, Apr 05 2011

       Yes, good points all.   

       [not_morrison] can't argue with much of your analysis - and while the subject of national pride is incontrovertibly raised here (we are talking of flags after all) maybe we could consider these troubling times as a turning point, from which we can truly say "Things, can only get better." - only without letting it remind us that that's what they told us 14 years ago...alternately, let's just be glad that we're not Irish, Portuguese, or Greek (on account of their governmental travails, rather than any specific problems with the folks of those fair countries)   

       [MB] noted - though the English flag on its own really isn't half as exciting as the whole ensemble, aesthetically speaking. Sadly or otherwise, the St. George always evokes images of Council Estates and tatty petrol-station/Sun Newspaper world-cup tie-in plastic car-flags. All of which is fine - but this is ice-cream we're talking about here, which, for the purposes of this idea, is much more important. Also, I had never heard of Flanders & Swann before, but rather enjoyed that.   

       [JB] ouch - Those Hamburgers laid it on a bit thick eh? I never know exactly how to gauge football ribs - the good/funny ones have a real knack of finding something that really stings, it's kind of that being cruel to the ones you love - you really need to understand the other side intimately to be able to taunt them successfully, and that's quite an honour I guess. At the same time, I can imagine it's a bit risky - go a step too far, and maybe the other side will kick-off.   

       [Dub] ... I've not got anything to say to you. Except: There are some things that are not food. (Though throughout that whole Baby Gaga thing, I was thinking "Old news, we did it on the halfbakery" - though it's funny, what may get [marked-for-removal] here, is likely to raise "concerns from the Health Protection and Food Standards Agency". I'm still waiting for Whale Cheese to hit the shelves.)   

       [reensure] not sure, but A Continental, at least in my (rather parochial) mind would be the Yellow-on-Blue stars of the European Union flag - perhaps a mixture of Vanilla and (Blue) Bubblegum flavours? [RayfordSteele] wow, I love the colours in that ice-cream! Most psychedelic, I can taste the tartrazine already! But you're not far off, although I imagine the Superman concept to be a general swirl, rather than the crisp lines we are discussing here. I've not seen the candy you're referring to, but presumably there must be some rock out there that follows this pattern - if not, then it's only a matter of time.   

       [rcarty] I was too, but today the weather took a turn for the worse, and we're back to wind, rain and bleakness at the moment. Ice-cream seems like a near-forgotten promise.   

       [DrBob] yes, "Britannic" is exactly the kind of handlebar moustache-twirling, brass-bottomed, no-nonsense, stiff-upper-lipped type of a name that would work a whole lot better. On reflection, the whole '-iolana' suffix was an attempt at cashing in on a sort of Italian ice-cream making tradition, which isn't really appropriate here.
zen_tom, Apr 05 2011

       Having recently hoovered up a peaches/blueberry/rasberry pie with extreme prejudice, might I suggest changing the national colours slightly to accomodate same.
FlyingToaster, Apr 05 2011

       //At the same time, I can imagine it's a bit risky //   

       Indeed, let's just say that I wouldn't recommend strolling down some of Glasgow's East End, waving the Union flag and singing out the tune of "The Sash". You might not come back in the same condition that you went in...   

       Just goes to show that the German's have a great sense of hunour after all.
Jinbish, Apr 05 2011

       //I had never heard of Flanders & Swann//

< chokes on his moustache > !
DrBob, Apr 05 2011


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