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calorie-free and low-cal popsicles with calcium.
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enlightened (read: simply-doused-in-arrogance) people these days say we humans don't get enough - what's the word?- CALCIUM. i give two reasons for this predicament: 1. dairy products, which are known to provide calcium in abundance, are also equally known for their fat and calorie content. hence, they are generally avoided by those trying to lose weight. (bad idea by the way) 2. spinach, calcium supplements, and other lower-fat sources just don't taste that good! or they're chocolatey but too expensive for the average person. poo. so: take calcium-enriched water and freeze it, add some flavoring sweetened with SPLENDA (calorie-free) or add some natural fruit flavor (adds a few calories, however) and - voila! you have enough calcium on a stick to strengthen even the brittlest bones (and lift the dictionary to see if 'brittlest' is actually a word..)!
lore, Jul 17 2003


       Nestle Drumsticks have 6% RDA of Calcium. Guess I'll have to eat 4 more boxes, daily.
thumbwax, Jul 17 2003

       So you've invented ice milk?
phoenix, Jul 17 2003

       tw, leave the cardboard, not good...recycle, there's a dear.
po, Jul 17 2003

       Eating the cardboard is recycling . . . in a way, I guess. Or maybe it's composting . . . .
bristolz, Jul 17 2003

       Or eat a piece of chalk instead?
tpoo22, Jul 17 2003

       Hey, what if you take one of those plastic popsicle-making kits and make popsicles with (juice or whatever) but first dissolve a calcium tablet in the liquid before freezing?   

       BTW, would this a recipe? (Sorry)   

       P.S. I am eating ice chips as I type. Help! Diet is a four-letter word.
XSarenkaX, Jul 17 2003

       Star Trek TNG fan, or ex-Brunching Shuttlecock?
waugsqueke, Jul 17 2003

       oh, i wish i were lore from brunching! nay, i pronounce it LOR-ee. as in, from lorelei. *sniff* to have an umlaut in my surname!alas. also...that's a good idea, the calcium tablet thing..but remember folks..the point is to be very low-cal. meaning 25 calories or under, IMO. :D
lore, Jul 25 2003


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