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The beard and moustache have switched places!!!!!
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Some people have beards that connect to their moustache and sideburns. This is ideal for those people. Take a trimmer shave off the connection between beard and sideburns, but leave the connection between the moustache and sideburns. Shape the below-lip hair into a moustache shape.

There you have it! A beard above your lip, and a moustache below! A beardstache!

DesertFox, May 15 2005

I thought this was a Beardstache http://www.personal...l%20sr%202.jpeg.JPG
Just finish the bike Pauly. [Giblet, May 15 2005]

Everything but a Beardstache http://www.worldbea...ries/categories.htm
? [Zimmy, May 16 2005]

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       FarmerJohn, I'd be honored if you'd illustrate this.
DesertFox, May 15 2005

       Or a moustard.
hidden truths, May 15 2005

       I don't see how this makes a beard above your lip.   

       I worked at a place where we were "not allowed to have facial hair below a line between the corner of the mouth and the bottom of the ear." One guy shaved below that line, and had a hair connector between his sideburns and his moustache. It didn't look good, but it did piss off the bosses.
baconbrain, May 16 2005

       We need an illustration!
energy guy, May 16 2005

       Bun for the idea, and extra credit to [hidden truths] for "moustard"
justaguy, May 16 2005


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