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Brow Bills

Eyeshades on the eyebrows
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You’re standing tall, feeling good and looking great. No sweaty cap mussing your hair. No heavy sunglasses pinching your nose. Neither wind nor rays nor rain can hassle you when wearing the stylish, innovative, brow bills.

Made of flexible, lightweight plastic, the over-each-eye visors are a big hit on the evolving fashion scene. The shades come in a myriad of transparent and opaque colors and even patterns such as camouflage and paisley.

A marriage of function and form, the popular brow bills clamp easily but firmly to the eyebrow hairs. Being so comfortable, you may even forget and wear them to bed. No worry, they’ll guard you from the intense lights of morning when you wake.

FarmerJohn, Dec 05 2002

Check them out! http://www.geocitie...nnie/browbills.html
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

What's wrong with regular sun visors? http://store.hbo.co...PSPN0003/s.yfT2o7Nc
(Unless you don't like the Sopranos, of course.) [Nick@Nite, Oct 21 2004]


       // they’ll guard you from the intense lights of morning when you wake //   

       ...... or wake you, screaming with pain, when you turn over in the night and rip your eyebrows off ........
8th of 7, Dec 05 2002

       Nick's on an anti-invention crusade. An odd stance for a site of this ilk.
bristolz, Dec 05 2002

       I suppose that it is possible to nitpick any oddball idea apart.
bristolz, Dec 05 2002

       I honestly think that these could be made light and easy enough to wear so that compared to a sun visor, they would be like contact lenses vis-à-vis glasses.
FarmerJohn, Dec 05 2002

       You can now get tinted - even photochromic - contact lenses. [FJ], I think it's the eyebrow-plucking aspect of your invention that people are having problems with. If they just hung off a piece of thin elastic like regular sunvisors that wouldn't be too bad (even if you do end up with a thin line impressed all round your head).   

       Could they not have a light frame, and hook behind the ears like spectacles ?   

       NB a visor is just a basecall cap without a top, and vice versa.   

       // Now stop nitpicking please. // - why, [Waugs] - scared we'll use up all the nits and won't leave any for you ?   

       [EDIT] if you made these self-adhesive you could change the category to Public:Punishment.
8th of 7, Dec 05 2002

       //Nick's on an anti-invention crusade. An odd stance for a site of this ilk.//

<rant warninglevel=high>
Yes, I've noticed a number of annotations of this nature lately, not just by Nick. It's really starting to bug me.

       Like on my "Faux Muscle Cars" someone said "I'd rather have a real one." OK, fine, go have a real one! How is that in any way relevant to the idea at hand? Or when someone posts a TV related idea and others come in and say "you shouldn't watch so much TV---go read a book". It makes you wonder if they even read the idea, or just saw one word in the title and knee-jerked.   

       It's very annoying, especially when the comment ignores the 'premise' of the idea.   

       A smoking related idea presumes that one smokes. You may not like smoking yourself, or may have never smoked. Fine, that's your choice. Maybe you should consider not commenting, then. (Waugs, I'm looking in your direction).   

       A TV idea presumes the person wants to watch TV. If you don't watch TV at all maybe you should think about not commenting on that idea.   

       The premise of this idea is that someone wants something more fashionable or hipper than a regular sun visor. If you don't think that is necessary, then maybe you should not be commenting on this idea.   

       And I think likewise as to voting.

       Feel free to delete this, I just had to get it off my chest.
krelnik, Dec 05 2002

       //I disagree that people should not comment, however.//
Well I did say "maybe", but also I meant comments of that nature, not all comments. Puns and witticisms are always welcome, of course.

       Oh and to nudge this back on track....Nice job, FJ. Croissant from me.
krelnik, Dec 05 2002

       The weird thing is how surprisingly stylish these actually are. Or maybe my style-sensor is on the fritz again. Though they may be hard to sleep with...   

       And *that* is my fav. illustration here.
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2002

       I actually like the idea, although I'd prefer them to be attached to my glasses than my head.
bookworm, Dec 05 2002

       For the true aficionado, have magnets implanted in your skull under your eyebrows, via a steel strip on each they just "stick on".
krelnik, Dec 05 2002

       The only thing I worry about with this is excessive eye drying due to air current redirection. But then again, I worry too much anyways.
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2002

       Seems that I have seen glasses with a visor over each eye. Maybe it was Elton John? Can't find a link to a picture but, did find some text references.
half, Dec 07 2002

       [half], yeah, I used to have a pair when I was younger. They were turquoise and neon yellow, and came as part of some promotion for pizza hut.   

       The arms were blue; The portion holding the lenses and attached visors was neon yellow. Made them look very much like traffic signals.
cswiii, Dec 07 2002

       Nice one, FarmerJohn.(+) On a side note; can't we all just get along...?   

Well then by all means, let the packing of sunshine up various arses begin. Oh, it already did.


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