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breakfast bed duvet, pillow and accessory set
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Here's what you get:

Pillows in the form, and style of two fried eggs (choice of sizes and yolk/white ratio) with raised yolks for extra padding.

Double bacon shaped duvet cover, with the zipper running along the adjoining rind to permit separate sleeping, when required.

Plug in electric sausages to keep your feet warm.

Headboard styled as two slices of toast.

Coffee smell emitting alarm clock.

xenzag, May 23 2006


po, May 23 2006

       Imagine the vet bills trying to get all this removed from the labrador.
ConsulFlaminicus, May 23 2006

       All that on a waterbed filled with baked beans.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 23 2006

       Nightmares for people on diets....
100 percent, May 27 2006

       Orange juice glasses reading sconces, and a nice fluffy pancake throw rug- I think they must have this at Wal-mart.
Rm Brz, May 27 2006


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