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Beeping Memory Stick

When the computer turns off, it beeps to remind you to remove it.
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My new car stereo beeps when I turn off the car to remind me to take off the faceplate. My car beeps to remind me to turn off the headlights.

When the computer turns off, your USB memory stick should beep to remind you to remove it, so you don't leave it at work, etc.

(It would just need a small capacitor to beep without power.)

Even better would be to beep when you log off, but the computer stays on. Then it will keep you from leaving it at the library or something, which would be a lot worse. This would obviously be much more serious to implement, though, integrating into different OSes. Maybe you could integrate it into the password protection software on the stick itself, though, to make it simpler.

omegatron, Oct 20 2004

The dream has become reality http://www.instruct...stick-reminder-cap/
[sdk16420, Jan 19 2015]


       Mine has a strap so you can hang it round your neck. I just leave this trailing in a conspicuous place. + anyway.
angel, Oct 20 2004

       Even better would be one that detaches itself and follows you out. No, wait...
DrCurry, Oct 21 2004

       It occurs to me that if you keep forgetting it, this stick is really not improving your memory.
Nontaigne, Oct 21 2004

       The log off angle could be handled by a small piece of software that commanded the system to dismount the thumb drive when you logged off. (Equivalent to the "Safely Remove Hardware" tray item in Windows XP).   

       As a very forgetful person, I like this idea. I'd like to see it for CDs and DVDs also.
krelnik, Oct 21 2004

       Why not keep the loop of string around your neck when you plug it in?
Ling, Oct 23 2004

       You get my vote.+
nomadic_wonderer, Oct 23 2004

       Oh dear [omegatron], it looks like I'm a horrible old killjoy for putting the only bone on a wildly popular idea. Problem is, I am already swamped with gadgets that go 'beep' and spend too much time trying to prevent them. Sorry. [-]
wagster, Oct 23 2004

       Oh yes - [ling] "I'm just going to get a cup of ERK!!!"
wagster, Oct 23 2004

       Too many <bleep> <bleep> beeps in the world already you <bleep>.
ato_de, Oct 24 2004

       To elaborate, some memory sticks have password protection software. (Mine requires you to actually install a program on the host computer, which is stupid. But I think some have an integrated program on the stick itself.) Anyway, on mine you "log on" to your stick, typing in the password to gain access to your protected files, and then log back off when you want to limit access or just when you log off of windows. The stick would beep when you logged off of the password protection thingy.   

       And don't worry, wagster, like all good features, it would be easy to turn off.
omegatron, Nov 20 2004


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