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Bluetooth Watch Drive

Passive portability.
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Kind of like the Flash Jewelry.

Basically a high-density hard-drive built into a watch/cell phone/key ring/something you have with you everywhere. Networks via Bluetooth with computers you have authorized to immediately have your drive as H:\ on every station you work at. Limited transmitting distance (<10 feet) for security.

Better than plug and play because it is passive.

JeremiahBritt, Apr 19 2005


       Good idea--many cellphones and PDAs already have Bluetooth capability, so this wouldn't be too hard to bake.   

       I really wonder, though, why people use Bluetooth so little. Kind of sucks for me, because I had an internship at a local Bluetooth "solutions" company that got eaten up by Broadcom, and now listing that as work experience doesn't do any good because the office here was demolished, my bosses there are Lord knows where now, and I can't provide any way for potential employers to contact them; I might as well be faking it.
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       Nice. Why carry a silly dongle when you've got a watch on nearly everywhere.
RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2005

       Better yet, implant it in the back of your hand or on your forehead and you've got the Mark of the Beast!
ywong, Apr 20 2005

       croissant as long as I can have a USB Wireless, rather than Bluetooth one. erm. needs a password too.
neilp, Apr 20 2005

       Keeping it charged up would be a bit of a problem - it'd go through batteries much faster than the watch it'd replace. That said, it'd be a good place to put wireless data storage without having to carry an extra device around. Maybe power the bluetooth and the watch from separate sources, and recharge the bluetooth battery overnight on a bedside inductive charger?
david_scothern, Apr 20 2005


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