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Bluetooth Flash

The USB Drive you can't leave behind
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I am always losing my flash memory drive, leaving it in the college computer or forgetting to pick it up from home.

What I would really like is a flash drive which has Bluetooth capability. The drive would be detected by the computer as soon as I walked into the room and show up on the desktop as a drive. You could then read/write files onto the drive without having to take it out of your pocket. There could be a switch on the side of the drive to switch Bluetooth on and off.

I have looked around and can't actually find anything like this on the market already, maybe I haven't looked hard enough. My other thought is that maybe there's a mobile phone around which works like this, but the point is it's 'always on' so you don't need to do anything to activate it.

Of course, you wouldn't want to put sensitive data on such a device, or maybe you could encrypt/decrypt it locally on the computer you were using the file on.

A further idea might be to install this device into a piece of clothing (either something you don't wash like shoes, or inside a waterproof layer).

mecotterill, Jul 14 2008

Global Sources- Bluetooth Flash Drive Selection http://www.globalso...th-Flash-Drive.html
Gives a likt of available Bluetooth Flash Drives - ...the most popular 2.4GB wireless transmission technology [CwP, Jul 15 2008]


       You don't wash your shoes? [+]
ed, Jul 14 2008

       Google “Bluetooth harddrive” and “bluetooth flash drive” for manufactures.
CwP, Jul 15 2008

       The Motorola v645 (whaich appeared on the market several years ago) , and many of its siblings, have a slot for a micro-SD card, and Bluetooth capability too. So from that point of view, this is Baked.
8th of 7, Jul 15 2008

       Sounds like a great idea, and despite Googling I can't really find a baked example. Lots of conjecture, but no products. (not counting counting cellfones and HardDrives. This idea seems more to be the solid state flash drive variety...).   

       If it exists, someone please post a link where to buy a true Bluetooth FlashDrive   

       (and NOT just a combination bluetooth adapter/USB memory stick)
CaptainCrunch, Jul 15 2008

       The only drawback I can see is that it would require batteries. Whereas a normal flashdrive is maintenance free... Bun for you
ServoMan314, Jul 15 2008

       See Links. Most of these (not all) require a PC for power.   

       My personal favorite that does not need to be plugged in is the Triband Watch Phone with Touch Screen, Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Supports MP3, MP4 and U Flash Disk Model Number:TBF-WP700. Sadly in only has 128 MB.   

       The wristwatch concept does solve some of the issues of where to put/store it.
CwP, Jul 15 2008

       Thanks for the link CwP, yes this idea does seem to be baked. Still not sure how it would work in practise though without seeing one in action, but it's interesting how hard it is to find these devices on the market.
mecotterill, Jul 15 2008

       It may be hard to find now but good ideas have a habit of growing and evolving. The portability concept is there and your idea is just the next step in its evolution. It will likely become common place soon enough.   

       Implantable chips with ownership and medical information is already common place for animals, including humans. Externally programmable pacemakers are in use as are RF transmitting pills with cameras and sensors. Common place for these items and perhaps car and computer keys and storage is next.
CwP, Jul 16 2008

       [CwP] the devices in your link all seem to be a USB memory stick combined with a Bluetooth ADAPTER (they must be physically plugged into the PC, and allow *other* BT devices to communicate with the host pc).   

       They DO NOT function as mecotterill envisioned, which is a storage flashdrive that doesn't need to be connected to your PC to store files. As unbelievable as it sounds, I don't think this has been baked.
ServoMan314, Jul 16 2008

       Use the link to look up the Triband Watch Phone (toward the bottom). You will find others in other links but you're right, you must actually read the specs to know if the device is stand-alone.   

       And I'm not saying it is baked but is baking. The idea is beginning to sell.
CwP, Jul 17 2008

       Something like this could be incorporated into a cell phone.   

       But I like the idea of a solar powered bluetooth flashdrive that, maybe, hangs on a lanyard like many people have their flashdrives, but isn't even plugged in, except for an occasional recharge if the solar power doesn't keep up.
talldave, Jul 17 2008

       I doubt that it would keep up. Bluetooth is fairly power hungry, especially if, as described, it is 'always on'.
Texticle, Jul 17 2008


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