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Beer Belly Competition

The contestants start off with washboard abs....
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and are judged by the size of their beer belly at the end of say... 6 weeks.

This would be as much of a test of physical resilience as any marathon, but instead of cardio vascular strength and muscle quality, every system in the body would be taxed to the max as tens of thousands of calories a day are eaten by the contestants.

Yes, they would be risking their lives and their health but so do those who get in race cars and drive at 150 miles per hour turning left for a couple of hours.

But here's the good part, they have to lose it as well and return to optimum health, all within the next six weeks.

And yes, this is a dum idea. Dum being worse than dumb.

doctorremulac3, Jun 21 2020

Paunch the game https://www.youtube...watch?v=ob3lk9mZs9w
2 burly men in sumo diapers check boulders at each other. [bob, Jun 24 2020]


       Unhealthy, no redeeming characteristics. [+]
whatrock, Jun 21 2020

       Not entirely unhealthy...   

       Can't find the study anymore but it was determined that up to twelve drinks per day was considered healthy depending on your ancestors alcohol consumption levels and type of liquor.   

       In Germany nursing women are prescribed so many beer a day as it helps with lactation and apparently the cognitive functioning of the infant.   

       Beer is one of the only ancient recipes we ingest which contains a natural form of Melotonin.   

       I admittedly drink far more of the stuff than we are told is good for us, (crave it actually... perhaps sadly, but I burn that shit like rocket fuel), and if your competition was for who could metabolize the largest amount of beer while not gaining an ounce I'm your man.
At 51 I'm still within a few pounds of my fighting weight of 145 lbs.

       I'm just one hyper little mofo.   


       For most of civilization's history it was safer to drink booze than the available water in many instances. Alcohol killed the organisms that killed us.   

       Plus you get drunk.
doctorremulac3, Jun 21 2020

       //I burn that shit like rocket fuel//
Like rocket fuel, or IS rocket fuel..?
As for the idea, some personal fitness trainers have been known to gain weight so they can lose it alongside their (initially) overweight client.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 22 2020

       Husband won last year so guess that means he can't play. I mean compete, right?
blissmiss, Jun 22 2020

       Sure he can. At this point he'd be the only competitor so he'd probably win no matter what he did. Not a lot of people lining up for this Olympic event.
doctorremulac3, Jun 22 2020


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