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Competative Dry Ice Eating Contest

I have done it! I have eaten dry ice!
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Yes. I have eaten dry ice. You can lick it, and you can eat it. Just be mindful of how you go about doing this.

When you lick dry ice, 2 things protect your tongue - your warm saliva, and the outgassing of CO2 from the dry ice when it comes into contact with your warm tongue. These two things make it possible to lick and eat dry ice with no harm.

Another thing - crush the dry ice into a powder before you consume it - and don't crush it with your teeth, mash it with a hammer or something! And only eat small amounts at a time.

I'm talking a dime sized wafer of crushed dry ice per mouthful.

And take your time between wafers - let your mouth warm up a bit if it is feeling cold.

And another other thing - dry ice tastes really weird; of course, it IS CO2, so you'd expect that - but powdered dry ice has a concentrated taste.

So Competative Dry Ice Eating Contests - each person gets a half of a pound of dry ice to consume, and the first person to down it all wins. Unlimited burping allowed.

DesertFox, May 22 2006

Check the Feb 9th entry http://www.caroljoy...roljoy_archive.html
Quote that I'm talking about - "Hey, have you ever eaten dry ice? A few of the kids here chomped down a few pieces the day before yesterday. They all burped a lot and some ever burped 'fog' with it. It was hilarious! Mr. Fiala is a trip! (In a totally GOOD way!) We've been learning so many new things. We'll be headed for Katy on Saturday. I know we're going to miss the Fialas!!!!" [DesertFox, May 22 2006]

The professionals C130_20Custardship
[methinksnot, May 22 2006]


       And no, I am not lying - go by a bit of dry ice, lick your finger, and touch it - then just go all out and lick it. See?   

       I licked a chunk the size of a vienna sausage for a while until it got to the size of a nickel, and then crushed and ate the rest. No kidding either.   

       And no, AfroAssault has not stolen my password.
DesertFox, May 22 2006

       " The envelope, please -   

       Ladies and gentlemen, the wierd award goes to.........."
normzone, May 22 2006

       Its true. You can eat dry ice if you are careful. I scared the bejeebers outta the science professor.
DesertFox, May 22 2006

       Yes, and there are people who eat bicycles as well, but I don't let them fix me dinner. Just be careful with your doseages and rate of consumption.
normzone, May 22 2006

       3rd, 4th, and 5th paragraphs - already mentioned. I may be crazy, but I know that that is vital information for the well-being of participants.   

       [edit] - ooo! A new category!
DesertFox, May 22 2006

       [DesertFox], you are one cool and chilling cat.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 22 2006

       This sounds a bit dangerous to me. Swallow a chunk whole and ka-blammo! Your stomach explodes.   

       This sounds extremely dangerous to me.
Texticle, May 22 2006

       You know, this could make an interesting murder weapon. Get the intended victim to swallow (no idea how at this juncture- more research needed) a chunk and then KABLOP! Splattered guts everywhere with no evidence. Will conduct some experiments and report back with results.   

       Here kitty kitty... that's a good kitty. (Be back in a little bit, I got something to do.)
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 22 2006

       [Texticle] You'll burp before you explode. But if we used duct tape...
DesertFox, May 22 2006

       But if we used duct tape...you'll suffocate before you explode. But if we used dynamite...
methinksnot, May 22 2006

       We'd end up blowing up something else along the way to his house. But if we call in an airstrike...
notmarkflynn, May 22 2006

       They'd end up blowing half a neighborhood half a city away. But if we call Cpt [Hippo]...(see link)
methinksnot, May 22 2006

       //And another other thing - dry ice tastes really weird; of course, it IS CO2, so you'd expect that - but powdered dry ice has a concentrated taste.// Solid CO2 is a lot denser than the gas, so in a sense it's very concentrated.   

       I was going to object that it's probably not solid by the time you swallow it, but there're plenty of other foods that could apply to, e.g. sugar.
caspian, May 22 2006

       Only if you can breathe in while burping, UN. Must not forget the possibility of breating out. The cough-reflex, you know.
DesertFox, May 22 2006

       Careful how you burp, you could die.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 22 2006

       Dry steak eating contest. There's nothing worse than a cooked-out piece of steak that was once juicy and tender - only for it's life to wrenched out by an incompetent chef.   

       And you can't burp it back out...
Jinbish, May 22 2006

       Don't get it in your lungs, either.
notmarkflynn, May 22 2006

       //We'll be headed for Katy on Saturday.//   

       Dag nab it! I missed seeing these crazy people when they were in town.
Zimmy, May 22 2006

       I bet dry ice has a flavor because CO2 is a great solvent. Anything that dissoves in water and a lot of things that wont should dissolve in CO2. It should be possible to imbue it with nearly any flavor you want. That is right: I'm talking about Dry Ice Cream.
bungston, May 22 2006

       I still think death is a possibility if you swallow a big chunk whole. A few grams of solid CO2 would sublime into a huge volume of gas very quickly, and I wouldn't trust burping to cope.   

       My advice: don't try it; you may die.
Texticle, May 22 2006

       [Texticle] I said crush it up first. Then eat it. In all practicality, most of the CO2 sublimes when it hits your tongue, but you can still swallow some, and burp up the gas. Definitely don't swallow it whole! Not even a dime sized chunk! Crush it first!
DesertFox, May 22 2006

       Sorry, this is really fucking dumb.   

       There's plenty of room in this world for walking on the razor's edge - sword swallowing, fire breathing, CO2 eating - but doing it competitively is sheer stupidity.
DrCurry, May 23 2006

       /Competative Dry Ice Eating Contests - each person gets a half of a pound of dry ice to consume, and the first person to down it all wins/   

       Surely careful pre-curshing would fall by the wayside in such a high pressure, competitive environment.   

       [DesertFox], you have eaten dry ice. Good for you. But don't encourage others to do it because it could be deadly.
Texticle, May 23 2006

       The two ideas immediately following this one in the Fox's prodigious list involve wars using condiments and a lottery to encourage people to crash their cars. I think any "encouragement" by this author should be taken in context.
bungston, May 23 2006

       I'm changing my vote to a fish. [DrCurry] is right. As fun as eating dry ice sounds, a competition based on speed will make it dangerous.
caspian, May 23 2006

       //a competition based on speed will make it dangerous//
F1, NASCAR, motorcycling,speed climbing, superboat, etc. If you want safe and fast it'll have to be sex with me.
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       Make it a reverse competition. Insulate your lump of dry ice with a thick layer of frozen saliva on the outside and see how long you can make it last. Is that even possible?
caspian, May 23 2006


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