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Beer Bottle Lawn Darts

Hurling fun!
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I was reading about the champagne lawn darts (linked). I like it, but one throw per bottle means you have to drink too much champagne to have your game.

Beer bottle darts are corks to be jammed into ithe empty beer bottle. There is a spike protruding up from the cork and a collar to keep the whole thing from being forced all the way into the bottle. After drinking your beer, insert the dart cork and hurl away!

bungston, Feb 07 2009

(?) Champagne Lawn Darts Champagne_20Lawn_20Darts/addnote#addnote
Inspiration! [bungston, Feb 07 2009]

4 deaths, 6700 reported injuries http://www.sfgate.c...id=3&entry_id=11904
[normzone, Feb 09 2009]


       I like bare feet . Breakage mess ? How about a big tarpaulin with circular points areas .
wjt, Feb 10 2009

       How about a glass recycling point with such a target and a vantage point so people can stand a fixed distance from the unit and throw their bottles?   

       Electronic scoring, or the presence of referee, could add a competitive aspect to recycling such bottles ...
Aristotle, Feb 11 2009


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