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Box of Crayons Sociology Game

Social scene design game
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Buy a box of crayons and spend an hour standing them up on a blank sheet of paper. Place the white and black ones in adversarial standoff over pink while brown orange and red huddle together. Orange and yellow might have something going on, and green and blue are ready with red to intervene in the situation.
rcarty, Nov 02 2013


       Why only an hour? I could do that all day.
the porpoise, Nov 02 2013

       It's a fun 'on weed' game for sure as hidden dynamics in the colours add new demensions to the social relations.   

       After a few arrangements red is decidedly someone covered in blood.
rcarty, Nov 02 2013

       You're solid with the functionalism of collective integrationists , but your political attitudes are unruly mob, thus are not fully integrated, but are using their discursive power to oppress and in the process enforce their norms and values. Continue to adapt in your behaviorisms to the stresses and strains that create a functional rift between those who adapt and those who do not.
rcarty, Nov 02 2013

       Red doesn't have to be blood but it's still a funny symbolic interaction joke.
rcarty, Nov 03 2013

       I spent yesterday toting a rifle up and down mountains being watched by deer who would not be remotely interested in this game because they only acknowledge the existence of one color of crayon.
Alterother, Nov 03 2013

       Well at least the simple crayon people metaphor.
rcarty, Nov 05 2013

       // I think it's more like a simile.   

       Ah, but there's no 'i' in simile. It's work in progress.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 05 2013


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