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Caveman Tech Contest / TV Show

Build modern devices with only raw materials
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Mine the ore, dig up the coal, smelt the metal, roll the wire, viola! Everything you need to make a toaster.

Coolest modern item made with only those items that the caveman had available wins.

It could also be a reality TV show where contestants are put in a simulated paleolithic environment and the person who has the most modern technology at the end of 6 months wins. (TV show is DIYMatt's idea but I'll take the buns for it.)

doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2013

Like this only with no microwave or other modern tools http://www.thetoast...oject.org/page2.htm
Link provided by calum [doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2013]

Killing a Gorn with all natural ingredients http://www.youtube....watch?v=HxQqJbW-ohw
[doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2013]

bamboo scaffolding http://www.amethyst...mbooScaffolding.jpg
[xandram, Feb 11 2013]

for [Alterother] http://www.guaduaba...cies-of-mexico.html
[xandram, Feb 11 2013]


       We've had variations of this idea MANY times now. I was at least hoping to read a variation where it is a reality TV show where contestants are put in a simulated paleolithic environment and the person who has the most modern technology at the end of 6 months wins.
DIYMatt, Feb 10 2013

       Yeah, that would be wicked cool. Why couldn't you think of something cool like that, doc?   

       All snark aside, I like the idea, probably because I'm one of those idiots who has actually gone out and tried it (on a regular basis since age nine or ten). There's a piece of flint still embedded in my palm from early experimentation in blade-making.
Alterother, Feb 10 2013

       Got it, thanks.
doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2013

       I read the linked book a few months ago, and found it quite engaging.   

       I'm not sure how this differs, except for the pointlessness of making a modern appliance that can't be used in the pseudo-time period in which it's made.
csea, Feb 11 2013

       It would be for entertainment and to see how hard it would be to build a post apocalyptic toaster.   

       I think anybody who can go out into the woods with nothing but a loincloth and bring back a handmade toaster is a man to be reckoned with.
doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2013

       Kirk did this in only a few hours in "Arena" whilst being chased by an angry Gorn.
zen_tom, Feb 11 2013

       There are countries like Mexico where they do this on a regular basis...it's called life. If you've even seen a Mexican construction site, the scaffolding is made from bamboo and rope. [see link]
xandram, Feb 11 2013

       Where do they find bamboo in Mexico? Is it imported?
Alterother, Feb 11 2013

       Bamboo grows in many regions, as there are many varieties, so some kinds grow in Mexico.[see link]
xandram, Feb 11 2013

       Bamboo is native to Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas, [Alter]. Only Europe and Antarctica don't have native bamboo species.
UnaBubba, Feb 12 2013

       Good to know. I learn something new every day, wether I want to or not.
Alterother, Feb 12 2013

       Whereas I learn the same thing, every day, over and over again--"I should've stayed in bed..."
RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2013


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