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Celebrity TV Light Gun game

shoot celebrities on TV for points
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As a young adult male, I've noticed that my friends have a big knack for insulting/praising celebrities as they appear on TV. "I hate her!" Bang! With a finger gun..

well, how bout combining a light gun game with TV? Shoot celebrities for points. 2 or more players. Reload by shooting off-screen. Location based damage (headshots, groin shots) score more points. Bigger bank accounts, more game points. Britney Spears, beaucoup bucks!

Action shows with enemies running everywhere could be interactive games unto themselves. Fast moving targets. Kill as many ninjas or space ships as you can!

go77, Aug 26 2002

Kill your TV http://www.halfbake...ea/Kill_20your_20TV
Same idea. [calum, Aug 27 2002]


       Connect the gun to a Nielson Meter, celebs could see where they stand.
ty6, Aug 27 2002

       "Shoot the Soaps". Like it. Croissant.
8th of 7, Aug 27 2002

       Head shot! Head shot! Multi Kill! Head shot! Head shot! ULTRA KILL! Head shot! </unreal>
Mr Burns, Aug 28 2002

       The was an American live action adventure series that had animated characters that allowed you to shoot at the telly. They sold guns that recognised the bad guys and counted the times that you shot them. Apparently you could be shot as well by the TV.   

       I was told about this at the '97 World Science Fiction Con when the creators came to talk about it.
Aristotle, Aug 28 2002

       damn, same idea ;(   

       Aristotle, yup I think i played that. But i mostly played the VHS tapes, and not the show itself, as the show itself didn't have enough action. Whereas the tapes were action packed! hehehe
go77, Sep 01 2002


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