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Beer Harness

Like Croakies, But For Your Beer
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Invent a special necklace with a cupholder with a flat side that sits against your chest. This "harness" could be used to hold your beer, when you don't want to. Keep it insulated to keep the beer cold, and to keep you warm. It's pefect for parties (if you don't mind the social stigma of a harness around your neck).
ShoutingMatch, Jan 28 2001


       What's a 'croakie'?
StarChaser, Jan 28 2001

       String around neck (hence the name) tied to glasses.
jutta, Jan 28 2001

       An old roommate of mine fashioned this exact thing with some string and one of those cheap foam beer cozies.
blahginger, Jan 28 2001

       <grin> Yeah, that really did work well for that. I actually once saw someone wearing one, but it was self-consciously dorky...He meant it to make a statemtent. Unfortunately, everyone mistranslated the statement as 'Man, that looks dumb...'
StarChaser, Mar 31 2001

       Why not a hat that hold two beer cans with straws connecting them straight to your mouth?
Op, Apr 23 2001

thumbwax, Apr 23 2001


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