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Beer Tongs

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So I was sitting there drinking a beer yesterday, and all of a sudden the term "beer tongs" came into my head. At the time I had no idea what "beer tongs" might be. Today, I know exactly what beer tongs are.

Beer tongs are 1.5 - 2 feet long and coated with rubber. The part that grips the beer bottle/can is extra-wide for maximal gripping power. The handle part is ergonomically designed to fit the human hand, similar to a motorcycle hand grip. So now you can picture it.

Why do you need beer tongs, you ask? Let's say you are at a barbecue where there is a bunch of beer in big tubs of ice. The host has bought several types of beer, and you are looking for one particular kind. But the bottles have been sitting in that tub of icy water for two hours, and it might take a while to root around and find what you want. By then your hand(s) will be so numb you won't be able to open your beer. Solution: Beer Tongs. Keep your hands warm and dry while you fish out your favorite brew.

It seems like natural rubber would be the best material for gripping cold, wet bottles and cans. I can't think of a type of plastic that would work better. A variation of this could also come in handy in the preparation of beer-can chicken, which usually requires the use of tongs to hold the can of beer while you, er, impale the chicken.
kevindimie, Jun 15 2003

Beer Can Chicken http://www.npr.org/...tures/2002/jul/bbq/
[kevindimie, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Someone recently posted an idea for a web site where users come up with titles for products, then let others help flesh out the actual product. I wish i could find it, for obvious reasons.
phoenix, Jun 15 2003

       Whatever it is, I'm all for it. Have a soggy, ice-cold bun.
thumbwax, Jun 15 2003

       The ice cold beer tongs could also be used for grabass afterwards.
bungston, Oct 13 2003


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