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Belly Button Teeth

aka umbilicus molarus
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Now that warmer weather is arriving, more and more belly buttons are on display. The belly button, in my humble opinion, deserves more attention, and one way of achieving this is to make available a range of attachments, to enhance it inherent qualities. There are some jewelry type items already on the market, but they are quite boring, and this is the halfbakery!

One of these qualities is that it can look like a little extra mouth. A mouth works best with a set of teeth, hence the need for little sets of dentures that can be placed in the belly button, before going out with an exposed midriff.

Stick on beards and moustaches are available to complete the illusion, which is at its best when the person moves around, making the belly button appear to be snacking on small items of food like tiny bananas or spaghetti (also available)

xenzag, Apr 22 2009

Belly Button Mouth http://en.wikipedia...File:Illu_mouth.jpg
did you remember to clean your teeth? [xenzag, Apr 22 2009]

h2g2: Vagina Dentata http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A2316016
"Vagina dentata is not the title of a song from The Lion King;" [zen_tom, Apr 22 2009]

ELbow Glutes Elbowgluteus_20Minimus
[xenzag, Apr 22 2009]

Beard Cyplops Beard_20Cyclops
[xenzag, Apr 22 2009]

when you're smile'n... http://repairstemce...03/belly-button.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 22 2009]


       Shudder - a bit too close an analogy to vagina dentata for me to find this appealing in any way - and belly-button beards? No, no no!
zen_tom, Apr 22 2009

       I'm also adding stick on drool punctuated with food particles.
xenzag, Apr 22 2009

       Too icky to be researchable for uniqueness ... except for someone with a stronger stomach, of course.
Aristotle, Apr 22 2009

       Are those teeth radially installed like with the Sandworms of Dune, or rather like in a human (although quite round) mouth?
loonquawl, Apr 22 2009

       Elbow Tits. Now there's a halfbaked idea! Makes leaning at your desk easier. Could be fully customised with different stick-on nipples or even sexy elbow lingerie. Brilliant!   

       No, no, wait. I've got one. How about eyelashes on your toe nails? Mental! Flutter your lashes at your karate opponent just before you kick them in the face. What a bad-ass cook!   

       Hang on. What about this one? Put an eye INSIDE your beard! That way you can look like you have an eye inside your beard! Wacky! Put some spaghetti on it, or some meerkats. It would look hilarious and everyone would want to be your friend.
theleopard, Apr 22 2009

       Elbows are already perfectly lovely, [theleopard], but i can't help thinking a little padding would make them comfortable. You could do that with silicone implants. I don't think there's any need to transplant the breasts there. On the other hand, transplanting the elbows to the chest would be interesting.
nineteenthly, Apr 22 2009

       Elbow tits has the makings of an insane internet zeetgh-, zaitgist-, meme.
4whom, Apr 22 2009

       These memes are always hard to keep abreast of, too.
Aristotle, Apr 22 2009

       not my cup o' tea.
blissmiss, Apr 22 2009

       See links referred to by [theleopard] who appears to be having a bad day. Poor pussy.... might need its flea collar changed.
xenzag, Apr 22 2009

       You could fit a tyre valve to that one in the link :-) I just learned these are called "outies".
xenzag, Apr 22 2009

       I'd like to make it quite clear that this is a brilliant idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2009

       I read 'blue tooth belly'. I guess you could swallow your phone and still get a ring! But, yeah, fing crazy idea, xen. +
daseva, Apr 22 2009

       Fair game on the beard cyclops [xenzag], I was taking the mick out of that idea. But funnily enough I was taking the piss with the elbow tits, I didn't even realise you'd already done it! Amazing! You really are good craic!
theleopard, Apr 22 2009


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