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Combat Frills

Range of frills and laces to embellish combat ware
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There are many women (or those with “female inclinations”) in military service now who are compelled to wear the exact same uniforms as their macho male counterparts. For the most part these are unflattering, austere outfits. In this new world of transgenders of every variation, there is room for a few blurred edges, even in the military.

Combat frills are a range of laces, and edgings that come in various styles and colours, so that they can be attached to any part of a uniform. Pre-camouflaged, but delicate frilly lace netting would soften the armoured helmets: fanciful hand embroidered seams would relieve the edging of otherwise harsh weapon straps.

To complete the range, the previously abstract camouflage blobs that cover battle jackets would paisley patterns.

xenzag, Apr 06 2006

I believe xenzag is perfectly right about Klinger's soldier attire but I believe he may have adorned his nurse's get-up with some tasteful ear-rings. http://www.mash4077.co.uk/klinger.html
[po, Apr 10 2006]

dances with springs http://www.rsc.co.uk/zebidee/history.htm
see Zebedee [xenzag, Apr 10 2006]


       Heh, I can forsee battlefield barbed wire strewn with camouflaged, but delicate frilly lace strips of netting, as the ladies brigade shuffle along through the thicket of mud and smoke snagging their frills :)   

       Now, let's move onto combat thrills.
skinflaps, Apr 06 2006

       Did anyone else immediately think of "combat frock"?
PollyNo9, Apr 06 2006

       I think its kind of stupid but thats only my opinion.
BJS, Apr 08 2006

       // I think its kind of stupid// - I have your missing [ ' ] BJS - see if you can figure out where it goes.   

       jutta //People who want frills should wear them// - I agree, but the military does not permit them.   

       To what boy/girl angle do you refer? .....inspects dusty, little used protractor with renewed interest, looking for previously hidden male and female calibrations.
xenzag, Apr 08 2006

       Bare in mind that a large proportion of women in the army are butch, and themselves would frown upon wearing girly attire....However I thinks its pretty porno....so [+]
shinobi, Apr 09 2006

       [shinobi] I'm impressed - two wild generalizations and a porn reference, plus a risque spelling error! And all in two lines! Impressive. And an ellipsis... no, two! Wow.
By the way [xen] - nice idea. I like it! Look forward to seeing tanks going into battle with chintz lampshades.
moomintroll, Apr 09 2006

       thank you moomintroll - I like the idea the idea of "girlyfying" and otherwise undermining all things macho - like the military along with its weapons systems, so tanks with cheesy chandeliers etc are perfect. Have a + for your annotation idea, if that's possible - and for all my detractors "away and boil yer heads" (spoken in guttural Belfast accent)
xenzag, Apr 09 2006

       I seem to remember Klinger dressing as a girl... but not modifying his uniform in the way described (rcarty) - I want you to watch every episode again and report back asap, meanwhile I shall be preparing your slice of humble pie.
xenzag, Apr 10 2006

       //a large proportion of women in the army are butch, and themselves would frown upon wearing girly attire//   

       [moomin]I agree the second part of the statement is a generalisation but the first might just be telling it like it is. Friends in the services have often remarked upon the lack of fragile, more traditionally feminine girls employed alongside them and I've not seen any of that breed in uniform either out and about or in glossy promotional recruitment ads.

I think it's a good thing too - after all, if it comes to war, who do you want protecting you - some giggling, simpering Valley girl type or a nice big beetroot-faced, cigar chomping, field yomping, bazooka toting warrioress? Hooray for the robust women of the front line I say, and let them wear lace [+].
DocBrown, Apr 10 2006

       don't fink so rcarty!
po, Apr 10 2006

       a female uniform? just love the high heels though :)
po, Apr 10 2006

       This reminds me of the last book of the Doom series, where they had an army where you pretty much decided what your own uniform was, as long as it looked nice.
notmarkflynn, Apr 10 2006

       Might I add that this army was patheticly weak. But this is still a good idea.
notmarkflynn, Apr 10 2006

       I think not ! it's a quarter of a slice of humble pie for you rcarty.... now open wide while I spoon it in, or would you like it liquidised and poured in via your left nostrtil whilst you dance about upside down, with your head wedged in a spring pretending to be an inverted version of Zebedee ? :-) - see link for those who just don't know.
xenzag, Apr 10 2006

       Porn has been adjectived...
Voice, Apr 05 2008


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