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Kevlar passementerie

Doubly suitable for the Hessian cavalry.
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Passementerie, in English, in general, is or includes flat decorative braid - like upholstery trim - coiled into knots or meanders on the surface of a garment.

In the fanciest versions, usually military uniforms, it covers quite a lot of the garment - Kaiser Willie was really fond of it. If it were made of something strong, e.g. Kevlar or Zylon PBO - any cordage enthusiasts? - it would probably be able to prevent saber cuts. Finally, an excuse to have it all over one's shoulders and kidneys.

hello_c, Sep 06 2000


       How come we don't dress like that anymore? Tie's -pfft. Now I bet you could pull the the really strange babes, dressed like that.
Scott_D, Sep 07 2000

       Not just the *babes*, either.
hello_c, Sep 07 2000

       Omigod! It's Michael Jackson!
thumbwax, Sep 07 2000

       I recommend the simpler saber-proof vest.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       is that like the saber-proof tiger?
gravelpit, May 16 2001

       Oh my God! How could I have missed this??? Send this to my brother-in-law to decorate his lapels.
bwv61, Aug 04 2004


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