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Bruise Tattoos

Create temporary bodyart through the medium of bruising
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The beautiful colours and phases of a bruise I recently sustained due to drunken clumsiness made me think of how the medium of brusing could be controlled in order to create temporary body art which will show a whole colourful spectrum of shades throughout a 1-2 week period. You would need to create a 'stamp' using a fairly solid material in the desired solid shape (e.g. a star made out of aluminium), and then get a trusted friend to bash you with it on a good area of flattish skin (e.g. upper arm). Job done.
abbyfoggin, Aug 06 2006

Or, create permanent bruising through the medium of tattooing... http://www.capohedz...skuff0go-730377.jpg
[marked-for-expiry] [ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 06 2006]


       as one who bruises as easily as a peach i think this idea could solve all my tatooing dilemas...altho i would have to be very drunk to let a friend bash me in the arm wiv something big and metal so the results might not be as good as initially expected....
amywamywoo, Aug 06 2006

       I like it but I don't think you'd be able to get the shapes to come out like you intended...
ignorantimmigrant, Aug 06 2006

       Excessive bruising damages dermal and subdermal tissue.
jellydoughnut, Aug 06 2006

       I was pondering this very idea recently. Consider that a stamp in the shape you want will not produce that shape when whacked onto the skin. A whack from a straight rod will produce 2 parallel lines, not one. I think a stencil or paddel with the desired shape in negative might work. The blood from whacked tissues will move into the vacancy of the stencil and produce the image.
bungston, Aug 07 2006

       Combine stress relief with this idea and you have a great business. Sell shaped bruises to those that want them and let people buy the right to smack 'em for tension relief. Win-win!   

       I know that when using a needle that if you move the needle under the skin a little bit ( helps prevent leakage of meds) you very often get a bruise. Perhaps for finer detail you could have a needle artist do the finishing touches.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 07 2006

       Certainly no more stupid than real tatoos...
James Newton, Aug 07 2006

       I'd prefer to just drop by the "Theatrical Make-Up While-U-Wait" shop in the station on my way to work every morning for a couple of weeks, each day getting them to repaint the buise so that it develops realistically over a period of time.
hippo, Aug 07 2006

       I thought this was going to be temporary tattoos that look like bruises.   

       Jane returned home after a successful shopping trip where people went out of their way to open doors, carry her shopping, offer their place in the queue, and all because of her tattooed black eye and bust up chops. Every week jane felt a little less sorry for battered wives, they had it easy.
marklar, Aug 07 2006

       //this idea could solve all my tatooing dilemas//   

       ... wait, I have a list somewhere.
moomintroll, Aug 07 2006

       I actually do have some field experience here. When playing squash as a clumsy person of limited hand/eye coordination, I have been hit by the ball many times and the bruise result has been remarkably spherical, thus my faith in the ability to produce a deliberate and specific pattern.
abbyfoggin, Aug 07 2006

       This was done in 'Use Of Weapons' by Iain M Banks, and possibly elsewhere.
nineteenthly, Aug 07 2006

       I've heard reference to it being fashionable in Japan, but I've not found a link.
normzone, Aug 09 2006

       Good idea, but will it actually be in the shape desired?   

       Too many could possibly make you sick...isn't a bruise a temporary spot of internal bleeding? Ugh...I still remember when I learned that.
BouncyPaw, Jul 05 2009


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