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Ben Hur Skateboard Hubcaps

For general badness of ass.
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In BenHur, the Roman charioteer had a bladed device on his axle used to destroy the spokes of competing chariots. Hubcaps akin to those used on the Roman chariot in Ben Hur can be obtained on line, although of course these are safe chrome-plated plastic. Hubcaps for skateboards are a different matter. They are largely superfluous, which is probably why I found only one source for skateboard hubcaps on line. It seems to me that Ben Hur hubcaps would be the perfect xmas gift for the skater who has everything.

Such hubcaps should also be available in BigWheel and Rascal.

bungston, Dec 21 2004


       The badness of ass is readily evident to me. Spikey bun. [~C] product: bicycle: wheel? I guess it was the closest :-)
contracts, Dec 21 2004

       Ben Hur: "Hubcaps don't kill - kids do."
FarmerJohn, Dec 21 2004

       These would be great on my road luge.....as if I'd ever get that close to somebody else's luge.....live cautiously, I do.   

       Or, to quote Yoda, "Cute naked, you are".
normzone, Dec 21 2004

       Don't make'm too bling bling or you'll find your board up on blocks.   

       The christmas gift for the idle riff raff who has everything. May their ankle veins be slashed and their decaying carcasses become poop roosts for pigeons.[sk8er-h8er]
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 22 2004


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