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Chess Skateboard

A skateboard that doubles as a chess board!
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Intellectual skateboarders, shake off that dumb skater image with this new dual-purpose recreational device. Equally useful at the half-pipe or the coffee shop, the Chess Skateboard is a specially widened square skateboard, with an 8x8 black and white grid for skaterboys with super-phat brains. Comes with a stylish "pawn pouch" to wear over your baggy chess pants.
yam, Feb 08 2001


       good idea, but might be difficult to clean.
macm, Feb 09 2001

       I think it's a loser. It's a small step to white and black skaters losing themselves on weed and panneling eachother during massive urban racial tournaments.
iain2, Feb 09 2001

       I would think a checkers skateboard may be more suitable for skaters, but maybe I'm not giving them enough credit.
dredcat7, Mar 01 2001

       i can see skaters on monopoly boards - they could have skate gangs like 'the community chesters', 'the directly from jailers' etc. skateparks could look like huge monopoly boards, and youd have to roll dice to move to the next trick/area, paying rent and taking chance cards etc as you go. this could prove interesting from the rival scrabble boarders and the chess/checker boarders rumbling over turf and triple word scores.
benfrost, Mar 02 2001

       You say that like it's a BAD thing...
StarChaser, Mar 03 2001

       benfrost- my fellow skater friends and I used to have huge Monopoly tournaments that could last up to 2 days a game (I say that meaning overnight, about 24 hours so technically 1 day), at which point we'd give up and go skate. If there really was a monopoly skateboard, I'm sure every one of us would have owned it.
AfroAssault, Aug 19 2001

       Is Star Trek 3D chess an option? When skateboarding the upper boards could double as shelves for places to sit.
AndyKnott, Nov 21 2001

       A chess board with wheels! No more will I have to strain my back pushing my chess board into the spare room while I'm decorating
spiritualized, Jun 28 2004


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