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Fake Hoverboard

a new skateboard that offers the illusion of hovering
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The design would start with a standard skateboard shape but with added electroluminecent light strips along the sides and front for added effect. The trucks and wheels would be made out of a material that is strong for riding on but highly reflective at the same time. The wheels and the mini 'hubcaps' would look like mirrors but would be made from the same material that would function as skateboard wheels for grip. From the side, the board would appear to float while gliding by or when doing air jumps. The viewer would not be able to see any wheels.
Huge, Dec 13 2002

hoverboards from a movie http://www.ketzer.c.../desi_5_boards.html
[Huge, Oct 17 2004]

Build your own http://gadgetshow.f...e4&section=Features
A few dollars, duct tape and viola! [bristolz, Feb 23 2006]


       I like the concept, but I'm not sure mirrors would be ideal for hiding the wheels.
egnor, Dec 14 2002

       Maybe, but probably not when "doing air jumps".
egnor, Dec 14 2002

       Or tilting for a turn...
thumbwax, Dec 14 2002


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