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Distributed Magnetic Grapple

for use in conjunction with "Skateboard Courier Gloves"
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most magnetic grapples for use in skateboarding are made up of a single giant magnet. now, these magnets are fairly simple and low maintenance, but they offer a few problems in regard to interference.

rather than having a single large magnet as a grapple, instead, a number of smaller magnets can be used. they need not be electromagnets because independant magnets could be removed fairly easily. a launcher would be used to disperse the magnets across the back of a car, and in order to remove the magnets a sharp jerk to one side would be used. due to this method of removal, it is recommended that the skater keep their line taut so as to reduce the amount of lateral stress on the magnets.

tcarson, Jun 06 2006

Skateboard Courier Gloves Skateboard_20Courier_20Gloves
[tcarson, Jun 07 2006]


       I do not know what you are talking about.
BJS, Jun 07 2006

       I'll have two.
And then again, a multitude of small magnets would inevitably end up sticking to each other.
methinksnot, Jun 07 2006

       To stop them sticking to each other, simply make all the faces be North (or, alternatively, all be South), and put a domed shell on the back of each.
aglet, Jun 07 2006

       It would resemble a cat o' nine tails. Dressed in appropriate black leather, you would present an awesome spectacle while lining up your next tow.   

       For those who don't get it - read Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson.
spidermother, Jun 07 2006

       as long as you don't need a sidecar for your biometrically linked nuclear warhead [spidermother]
tcarson, Jun 07 2006

       (Please don't mark things for deletion just because *you've* seen it somewhere else - only if the *author* saw it somewhere else and wants to make it reality.)
jutta, Jun 24 2006


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