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Benevolent Liberator Glasses

Grind smart glasses, add 3 drops of propaganda, and stir in a dash of psychological warfare
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An estimated 75% of adults worldwide require corrective lenses. Only 11% wear contacts, leaving a whopping 64% in glasses. This is a number that a conquering dictator such as Vladimir Putin could leverage to his advantage, by distributing free or extremely subsidized eyewear to the population he is attempting to pacify.

Using smart glass technology with augmented reality software, he could program the glasses to recognize his own troops, slogans, flags, emblems, etc in the field of view and highlight them with a subtly warm, friendly glow. Using the latest deepfake technology, it might even be possible to change the facial expressions of Party members to always appear friendly and smiling, and Opposition members to appear scowling and hostile.

21 Quest, Mar 04 2022

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       Voices off:   

       "Why have we stopped?"
"Are we there yet?"
"You should have gone before we left Minsk."
pertinax, Mar 04 2022

       An invasion force always needs a secure place to use the restroom. I wonder if they take porta-potties in lorrie trucks...
RayfordSteele, Mar 04 2022

       Sniper bone alert! As Bunzy and Bonezy the halfbakery mascots say:   

       "Sniper bone it? Gotta own it!"   

       I'm going to introduce "Sniper Boner De-throner"   

       I'm just going to counter sniper bones with a bun. I don't like to use the word hero but hey, if the name fits... [+] (Plus the idea is certainly original)
doctorremulac3, Mar 04 2022

       Trouble is, any half decent Resistance will soon work out how to hack the system.
pocmloc, Mar 05 2022

       Nahhhhh man, that's what encryption and two-factor authentication and Apple-level proprietary software is for! Your little Resisty Group ain't hackin' sh*t, cuz!
21 Quest, Mar 05 2022

       I don't think hacking will be the problem; in an environment where the two sides are ethnically very similar, and wear very similar uniforms, the resistance will put on these glasses and use them to help with target identification.
pertinax, Mar 05 2022

       That could go both ways.
21 Quest, Mar 06 2022


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