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Best of breed shop

A shop which only sells items rated #1
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Whenever I go shopping and come back with some gadget or other, 2 things seem to happen. Either a) I find I've been sold last years model, or its a duff model or theres a much better one cheaper b) I'm happy with the thing, but my friend has a better one. And he knows the exact spec of it and all its good points, how many MB it has, or how many Hp etc.

So the idea is a shop which firstly only sells goods which come out the best in national reviews, so I would know I'm not being sold a pup. In addition to this, each item sold comes with a copy of the reviews, plus a handy push-out-and-keep little card listing the top 5 points about the product to boast about in the pub.

Bobble, Mar 09 2004


       Who's going to judge which products are best, and how do you ensure that the one product is best for all people and all purposes? Wouldn't it be better, and equally implausible, to have a shop where the assistants told you which product would be best for you?   

       That said, I'll have a chihuahua with mayo on rye.
kropotkin, Mar 09 2004

       reviews are fickle. One person's number one is not anothers. Who do you choose?
jonthegeologist, Mar 09 2004

       It doesnt really matter which review you choose, because if I go home with a product and a review which says its number 1 and the best thing since sliced bread, then I'm happy.   

       Obviously choosing a reputable guide like 'Which' ( ?uk only) might be a good idea.
Bobble, Mar 09 2004

       You'll only be happy until the next day when the new number one thingy comes out. However, from a marketing aspect, this does have some promise.... '+'
Basil2, Mar 09 2004

       Do it online, call it "E Unanimus".
dpsyplc, Mar 09 2004

       There's a Japanese store that only stocks whatever items are most popular currently...
submitinkmonkey, Mar 16 2005

       There's a reindeer in a zoo in Columbia that has antlers like velvet-flocked road cones.
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 17 2005


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