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Clothes Assortments/Mixtures

For people that have more cents than sense
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In its base form, this idea is to have clothes assortments, similar in manner to sweetie assortment and mixtures. You would ask for a bag of assorted large trousers, or a wardrobe mixture. You may even simply specify a price, and try your luck to see what you get. If you don't get what you like, then clearly you shouldn't be using the service, and have more sense than cents. In essence a big ol' bag of random clothes, to take the hassle out of shopping if you are a rich dimwit.
[ sctld ], Jul 05 2002

Personal Shopping http://www.your-shopper.com/
[DrCurry, Jul 05 2002]

Second hand clothes sold by weight http://www.anke-sch.../englisch/shop.html
Anke Schrader GmbH: "In each of our shops, customers are offered a selection of over one million items, which are sold by weight from € 4.90 to € 7.50 per kilo." (If you can't see it, € is the euro symbol.) [pottedstu, Jul 05 2002]


       Or go into a department store and buy the mannequins. They have almost complete outfits (I don't think they usually wear underwear, and many of them don't even have feet, so no socks), AND they match.
Matty, Jul 05 2002

       Easy enough to buy bags of assorted clothes at the local Salvation Army or equivalent thrift shop.   

       Rich dimwits get their shopping done by someone else (see link), so this is entirely superfluous.
DrCurry, Jul 05 2002

       I'm pretty sure second-hand clothes wholesalers sell by weight.
pottedstu, Jul 05 2002


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