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Buy now, Get later

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Gift cards that can be purchased at significant discounts (up to 50% off), however cannot be redeemed for at least a year. This provides the retailer with immediate cashflow on future stock, and provides the purchaser with increased buying power (ie. get next year's model for half of this year's price) Win Win.
simonj, Jun 05 2009

Halfbakery:Didn't buy store Didn't buy store
[vincevincevince]'s premium bond take on a similar idea [zen_tom, Jun 05 2009]


       Are you assuming that:
a) many people who buy/receive the gift card will lose it before they can use it; or
b) inflation will erode the value of gift card; or
c) the retailer will invest the money and the dividends will offset the loses; or
d) the purchaser of the gift card is gambling on whether the retailer will still be in business by next year?
xaviergisz, Jun 05 2009

       c) mostly
simonj, Jun 05 2009

       so the retailer can have 100% dividend on invested money? Why is he retailing still?
loonquawl, Jun 05 2009

       Well that all depends on what the retailer invests in doesn't it? If investing in the stockmarket I'd say no. However if the money is used to expand manufacturing operations, open new markets, or launch new products, I'd say it's money well spent.
simonj, Jun 05 2009

       // However if the money is used to expand manufacturing operations//   

       ...Then he's not really a retailer, is he?   

       Anyhow, you show me a capital plan that has a payback of 1 year, and I'll give you some money.*
Custardguts, Jun 05 2009

       *(no I won't)
Custardguts, Jun 05 2009

       What's Apple, retailer or manufacturer?
simonj, Jun 05 2009

       This idea describes the concept of preordering (with a larger discount, but basically the same thing).
Veho, Jun 05 2009

       So, you want customers to make unsecured cash loans to retailers in financial difficulties?
hippo, Jun 05 2009

       Yes, in exchange for genreous discounts. Although I never mentioned anything about financial difficulties.
simonj, Jun 05 2009

       I think this is how Argos works.
coprocephalous, Jun 05 2009

       well, you implied that these were retailers who needed a bit of help with their cashflow
hippo, Jun 05 2009

       I don't think I implied anything of the sort.
simonj, Jun 05 2009

       I think I missed at least one other option:   

       e) this is an interesting marketing scheme. Retailers often have high mark-ups on wholesale prices, so can still turn a profit on 'discounted' products. Once you've got customers in the door and opening their wallets (with marketing like this), it's hard not to make a profit.   

       big [+]
xaviergisz, Jun 05 2009

       This idea needs a website
simonj, Nov 09 2011


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