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Better bus routes apps

Users create the bus routes based on needs
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Imagine a bus company creating an app for an iPhone-like device where users can give them useful information. A simple application that simply records the user’s location (using the built-in GPS), where they want to go and the time. With these three bits of information, a time, an origination point and a desired destination, the bus company will very quickly get a very good idea of how to improve their routing system.

Plus, the information is always dynamic so the routes can change with the changing needs of a city. This will undoubtedly help commuters, and importantly, help the bus company to cut out wastage and improve profitability.

ljj, Feb 01 2009


       This would be great. I've always assumed that they do this with surveys etc. but this would be so much better, as you could record every journey you want to do.
MadnessInMyMethod, Feb 01 2009

       In theory, this is a good idea. However, the majority of regular bus-riders (in my city at least) aren't the sort of people who carry an iPhone or blackberry. I would guess that there is also sizeable contingent who have no cell phone or just a prepaid for emergencies.   

       You'd just end up with a bunch of data points on downtown condo-dwellers going to downtown offices and bars, some suburban commuters who use the bus only for work, and some of the wealthier teens and/or university students.
ryokan, Feb 02 2009


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