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Copy-Paste between computers

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I have a laptop & a desktop, for reasons I wont go into here...what I need is the ability to copy/paste between them. This shouldn't be too hard with bluetooth. maybe just an icon on the desktop that you can rightclick/paste, which inserts the text into the clipboard of the other computer
simonj, Jul 29 2010

Copy-paste to the net http://cl1p.net/halfbakery/
Just enter in any URL that starts with http://cl1p.net and post. Then from any other computer enter the same URL and copy. [You can give the link various expiration dates. This one will expire in 7 days.] [ldischler, Jul 29 2010]

How to create a shared clipboard http://www.softblog...omputers-with-ease/
First Google hit. [BunsenHoneydew, Jul 29 2010]


       In principle, this is mere sugar coating around already- existing Bluetooth file transfer -- having used the latter, though, I agree that the added convenience makes this a truly novel, and useful idea.   

       Requires a popup "OK" button whereby the user of the receiving computer agrees to accept the clipboard -- you don't want to allow the current clipboard contents to be displaced accidentally.
mouseposture, Jul 29 2010

       copy to a flash drive or is that too much effort?
po, Jul 29 2010

       Waaaay too much, would be quicker to re-type
simonj, Jul 29 2010

       If you opened an terminal window (via ssh, rt or whatever) on each that gave you a window on the other, you should be able to copy/paste text into those terminals. With a relatively simple program running on each, you could capture those paste-events and pipe them to a file - but I guess it would be a bit more tricky to get that text to propagate up to the clipboard on the other machine.
zen_tom, Jul 29 2010

       How about a shared clipboard somewhere in the cloud? Each computer would need to log in, but from then on anything copied would be instantly accessible to any other machine. There's opportunity here for conversion between formats too in the way that's already baked within Windows: Copying richly formatted text from Word can be pasted as plain text into Notepad. This cloud sharing app would magically convert between PC and Mac app formats too!
Tulaine, Jul 29 2010

       //How about a shared clipboard somewhere in the cloud?//   

       See link.
ldischler, Jul 29 2010

       VNC lets you do this.
Wrongfellow, Jul 29 2010

       Beautiful link, [ldischler]!
pertinax, Jul 29 2010

       I second Wrongfellow with VNC -- it's almost the ideal solution to your problem. It would still be cool to have an even lighter-weight, dedicated solution, though so you get a +
cowtamer, Jul 29 2010


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