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Ephemeral Links

(opposite of permalinks)
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In the never-ending arms race between sharers and copyright, DMCA take downs are getting increasingly ridiculous, false, and annoying. The next logical step is for sites to implement ephemeral links.

Each URL in the site is UID (images, css, html, files ... everything)

That way when the DMCA notice comes (remove infringing content at http://sharingsite.com/a4gb5yh15a14gkuo) you can truthfully answer. "Done, and thank you for notifying me". When the DMCAers come looking for the content, it's gone.

But with no permanent links, how will people find stuff? Of course, Google won't be able to help. But that's probably fine as search functionality can be replicated on the site internally.

Now, I'm not saying that this will somehow turn illegal activity into a legal one. What it will do is prevent blatant robo-DMCA abuse against non-infringing content. If a human writes a DMCA request they can still probably make a case. This mechanism is focused on fighting DMCA bots.

Ephemeral links could also be useful for preventing people leaching off your content.

ixnaum, Jul 23 2015

Ephermeal lynx https://jappliedeco.../06/lynx-c-kora.jpg
[normzone, Jul 23 2015]

copyright owners of that image http://www.georgeadamson.org/kora
[pashute, Jul 25 2015]


       Are you certain that lynx picture isn't subject to copyright?
RayfordSteele, Jul 23 2015


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